UNC-GT: Locker Room Report

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina players Kareen Taylor, Larry Edwards, Ronnie McGill and Joe Dailey after the game...


Where does the team go from here?

"You know, we're just picking each other up and just keep playing. If you got back and watch the film, I think every linebacker was in the game, from the third string to the first string, every linebacker was in the game and every linebacker made a play. That was one of the key points and just having those guys step up and make a play is a good thing."

On defensive problems this season -

"Take the secondary. We haven't had a bad game all year, except for Notre Dame. We gave up four touchdowns and I don't know how many yards he threw for. So they've got to sit on you some week and the secondary, we took that as a challenge to come back and have a great game."


Overall thoughts on game -

"On offense, talking the talk but not walking the walk… The defense played great. They needed us to make a play and we just didn't make one."

On the team's problems -

"People not stepping up when it gets to those crucial situations. Throwing the ball in the red zone, inside the 10 twice and got two interceptions. They gave up seven points the whole game and we get the ball back at the end of the game and we don't even move it. We've got fourth and 11 and we punting. People getting mad cause we not going for it on fourth down, well, if we would have made the plays on the first three downs we wouldn't have had to worry about that."

On the game with N.C. State -

"Trying to get the fans here (at Carolina) another win. It's been a rough season. Make sure that everybody goes out there and stays focused. Even though the season ain't going the way we wanted it to, we still got to try to make the best out of it. We have nothing to lose; everybody's future for next year is uncertain. Seniors going to be graduating; don't know if they're going to be playing again. Nobody has to hold anything back, we've just got to let it all hang out."


On the defense vs. the offense -

"It's always frustrating, one side of the ball having nice success and the other one suffering. Win as a team, lose as a team; all this is a team effort. We're not going to point the fingers, we're just going to come back next week and say what can we do better to help our offense and we've got to put them in a position to score points easily. Get the ball inside the 20, the 30, put them in position to score."


On red zone interceptions -

"Usually, it's probably not enough on it. You don't want to stretch the field that much in the red zone because everything's so condensed, so you try to be too precise and obviously, I didn't put enough on it or put too much on it and it's not what I need. That's pretty much the issue there with not trying to force the ball because you obviously don't want to overthrow them."

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