UNC-PU: Locker Room Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Tar Heel players talk to the media after Saturday's 140-101 exhibition win over Pfeiffer ...

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What did Coach Williams say to you all aftewards about the defense?

"He was really upset that we weren't guarding the ball like we're supposed to, and we're getting out on the shooters. On the offensive end we were turning the ball over - throwing it away. I think it'll help us, though, since their switching off screens gave us a different look."

Do you sense that the rotation is taking shape at all?

"A little bit. But there's no set rotation right now. It's a little more steady, but everybody is going to play and nobody really cares about their playing time. Everybody wants to win."



See you've got a bruise there - did you catch an elbow today?

"That was in practice last Sunday - from Tyler - and he didn't even apologize."

What are you focusing on more in practice now?

"Every day it's still talking on defense. Freshmen don't do that usually, so Coach is emphasizing that all the time. Once we start progressing as a team, then we're really going to be good."

Was Coach upset in the locker room?

"Yeah, and we were upset. We're winning by 40, but I had a feeling in my stomach like we lost. Coach challenged us to hold them under 80 ... it's kind of embarassing."



What specifically did the team not do well defensive today?

"The main thing we didn't do was guard the ball. In the ACC with the caliber of guards we're going to play again, you've got to stay in front of the ball. We didn't do a good job of that tonight and it's something we need to work on."

Through more than 20 practices now, what have you seen the team improve on most?

"We've improved a lot. On the offensive end, we're moving the ball better and much more fluid. Defensively, guys are understanding what to do, but we've got to sustain it and be more consistent. We struggled with that tonight."



What do you think is in store at practice tomorrow?

"Honestly, I don't know and I'm not really looking forward to finding out - but we're going to come to practice tomorrow and work on our defense. It's going to hurt, but it's only going to make our team better."

You think Coach will take the rims off?

"It's a possibility. It was mentioned."



Can you take anything away from a game where you're being guarded by guys who are under 6-3 or under 200 pounds?

"Defensively, I can. Offensively, I know I'll be playing against guys a lot bigger than that and a lot taller. Guarding them I think I got a lot out of that."

What improvement have you seen from the freshmen post players in practice?

"For any freshman, it's tough and we do a lot of running. Each one is doing better at running up and down the court consistently like Coach Williams wants. Each one are kind of getting used to the system."

Which freshman gives you the most trouble defensively in practice?

"Each one's different, but I'd say Alex [Stepheson] because he's strong and a good shotblocker."

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