UNC-PU: Roy Williams Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina head coach Roy Williams wasn't happy following the Tar Heels' 140-101 exhibition win over Pfeiffer on Saturday. Carolina's second-half defense and intensity irritated Williams, who spoke to reporters briefly following the game.

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Opening statement:
"There's really not a lot to say. We went up and down and shot the ball at times pretty well, but it's very discouraging to finish the game like that. You have to congratulate Pfeiffer cause they did some nice things, but they scored 28 points in the last 3 minutes and 59 seconds. If we're going to play like that we're going to walk the ball off the court and play 30-point games cause then we're not going to stand for that. But in 30 minutes we did some nice things. Again, Pfeiffer, I loved how competitive they were and kept playing. They're a fun club to watch. We have 22 or 23 practices behind us right now, and I think we've done some good things, and I think we've improved, but the whole team will watch that last 3 minutes and 59 seconds tomorrow because you play like that you can't beat anybody. That's sort of discouraging, sort of takes the fun off of things, but you have to be more competitive than that. We guarded people the same way I did from the bench, not at all."

On things smoothing out and the team playing better together:
"I think we did make some, I loved one play. Wayne throws the ball to Tyler, the All-America, and he didn't hesitate at all, threw it back to Wayne for a lay-up. You can't let the tempo of the game put you in a sense where you're so sloppy. I think we are better; I think we've practiced extremely hard, and they've done a nice job, but it's hard to get that taste out of my mouth of that last 4 minutes."

On the rotation:
"It was different today because Reyshawn wasn't there and Mike's been sick with tonsillitis. Will, I started not to play him. He was able to practice about half a practice yesterday, so it was a little screwed up out there today anyway. What the rotation will be- we're going to find out who in the dickens is going to guard someone the next two days. Talk to me then, cause we're not going to play like that, and if we do, I'm serious, if we only guard people like that we'll play 30-point games."

On what about Pfeiffer was impressive:
"I said it earlier- you have to enjoy watching their competitiveness, how they kept playing. It wasn't just us. They played hard match-ups. Tyler's having to guard a guy 25-feet from the basket and there's no post player so it's a little unusual to what we're going to play, but I liked their club. They competed for 40 minutes, and we competed for about 30."

On big guys working together:
"They have. They've been doing a nice job throughout the course of practice, not just today, looking for each other and trying to do a good job. I'm discouraged, that's all I'm going to tell you. When we turn the ball over and have as little competitiveness as we did right there, it's hard to focus on the other things. If I'm playing my mother, I'm not going to let her do that. And if you're not competitive anymore than that, then you need to go over and sit down in the stands and be a cheerleader."

On emphasis on breaking the scoring record:
"It probably came from me. I don't think they talk about it much really. They won't after tomorrow, because we're not going to do those kinds of things. But I have no problem, and I think if we play the way we're supposed to play we have a chance to do that. I don't even know what the school scoring record is. I know at Kansas we broke whatever it was before we got there, and as a team we guarded everybody's rear end like it meant something, not just stand out there and play like a matador. I might even address that and tell them we are not going to break the school scoring record because, by God, if we play like that we'll cancel the daggum games."

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