John Bunting Sunday Quotes

North Carolina coach John Bunting spoke to reporters via teleconference on Sunday prior to what will be his final home game as coach of the Tar Heels.

On this week's quarterback situation –

"I haven't decided."

On run defense vs. Georgia Tech –

"Our defense probably played its best defense in a long, long time. They played well together. They fit plays. The linebackers flowed nicely. They had good reads. It was the best tackling that we've had."

On rivalry with N.C. State –

"There's not much that I haven't said about it before. I think it's a great game. It's a rivalry game. It's a big game in the ACC. Despite our record, we want to win this football game very badly."

On play of Chase Rice and Mark Paschal vs. Georgia Tech –

"I think Paschal played very fine football game and so did Chase. Jermaine Strong played extremely well – very aggressive. He's going to be a very good cornerback. Our front four played well. Durell Mapp played extremely well, the safeties, they all played extremely well. Jacoby Watkins had a good game. Paschal had some great reads versus the various runs Georgia Tech was in."

On feelings about last home game as a coach –

"Can it be any worse? I'll approach this like any other game we play. I'd like to win it. I'd like to have the team very well prepared. I'd like to have great emotion like we did the other day. I'd love to see us get a win."

On last home game at UNC as a player –

"I cannot tell you much. I don't even know who we played in my last home game here as a player. My last game was at Duke, and I'll never forget that game, because we won in a big way and received an invitation to the Gator Bowl."

Have you been kept up to date on the coaching search, and do you care if the hire is announced before the end of the season?

"It's not a concern. The answer is ‘no,' I have not, and that's probably the way it should be."

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