Marcus Ginyard Q&A + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina sophomore Marcus Ginyard spoke to reporters from the Smith Center on Monday. Read and listen to what he had to say...

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On Sunday's practice –

The good thing about yesterday's practice is the goals were still on. That's the first thing everyone was looking for. Wes [Miller] was the first guy out. He came back to the locker room and told everybody the goals were on. So practice was definitely more defense-oriented. We had to go back start over on our defense again."

On his pride on defense and if the Tar Heels' performance in Saturday's exhibition bothered him –

Yes, definitely, especially when you know the team's going to be better than that defensively. We know were' going to have to play defense a whole lot better than we did. Everybody looking t is as a challenge. It's a challenge to us in how were going to play in these next few games.

Do you feel like a veteran?

No. Everybody is being called veterans, and I think Coach Williams even said it to Bobby [Frasor] once, something like, ‘You're not allowed to make that mistake any more.' I don't see myself as a veteran. I would think of a junior as a veteran. But we definitely experienced some things last season that other freshmen weren't able to do at their respective schools. In that since you could say we are (veterans), but I don't think of myself as one. We haven't gone through as sophomores only making it through the second round of the NCAA Tournament. But we do know a lot more than a lot of freshmen.

Have you ever played with or against anybody that went to the ball with the intensity that Tyler Hansbrough does?

No sir. It amazes me the balls that he comes up with even in practice. They're like fouling him and slapping at him, and Tyler comes up with the ball. It's amazing to me.

On defending the perimeter shot –

Both (St. Aug's and Pfeiffer) shot the ball well, especially Pfeiffer towards the end of the game. But we really focused on the individual defense – guarding down the middle of the court, guarding the ball on the sidelines, working on screens and helping off the screens – we really went through on everything.

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