UNC-SHU: Postgame Press Conference (w/audio)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- North Carolina coach Roy Williams and high scorers Tyler Hansbrough and Reyshawn Terry spoke to reporters immediately following the game. Read & listen to what they had to say...

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Roy Williams' opening remarks -

Well it felt good to get that first one under our belts. We did some nice things at times. We congratulate Sacred Heart. They came out and were awfully hot at the beginning of the game. I talked to our guys about trying to get there a little bit better there defensively. They really came out and shot the basketball. [Luke] Granato was really impressive. We've have a young team, and we talked to them about a couple of things in the scouting report. One of them was to make Granato drive and make [Dave] Shubik drive. When you look down and the guy takes 16 shots and 14 of them are threes, we didn't make them drive very much. I think it was a good opener for us. Tyler was sensational in the first half, and I thought Reyshawn gave us a big lift emotionally for us in the second half. He became so much more active. He clicked his brain in there. One of the things I talk to my team about all the time is to play intelligent basketball. We were much smarter with the ball and the things we did in the second half.

(To Hansbrough) On Sacred Heart's defense -

Defensively, they were pretty quick. They may have lacked a little height, but they played hard and boxed out really well.

(To Terry) On team chemistry -

We have a talented team. This is the first game. Chemistry-wise, I think we're a great team. We gel pretty much together. This is the best team I've ever been on chemistry-wise, and it's just going to take a time to get a better feel for each of our games as the season progresses. But I think everything is going to fall into place when we get some more games under our belt.

(To Hansbrough) How has your game improved the most since last year?

I think I've developed more post moves. A lot of experience from last year…I really gained a lot from last year. This year, definitely I think my jump shot has improved a little bit. If I need to shoot it, I feel comfortable doing that. At the same time, defensively, I've gotten a lot better going against the size that we have on our team this year. It's really helped me carry out to bigger opponents on the court.

(To Terry) How did you get into the flow so quickly in the second half?

Coach says that we have to take pride with what we do on the defensive end. I felt like for me to get this team going I had to get into it early. Being a team leader, I feel like I have to lead by example and get some defensive stops.

(To Hansbrough) On the incident in pre-game warm-ups -

I was running back to get a rebound. My shoelace had a big loop in it, and my other foot went right in that loop. I laid there for a second to see if anyone was looking. Everybody was laughing, particularly a guy in the courtside seat. He said, ‘You've just got to laugh at something like that.' I got up; I couldn't play it off. (Williams: I'm only mad at our video guy, because he didn't have it on tape. He didn't fall too many times when he was out on the court.)


An overall assessment of the freshmen's progress so far -

I think in the course of our practices, Brandan [Wright] and Wayne [Ellington] have picked up things more quickly than the other guys. Brandan, Tyler and Reyshawn are the three easiest to write into the starting lineup. Wayne has really had some big-time competition from Wes [Miller] and Marcus [Ginyard] – they do some good things as well, but I think Brandan and Wayne, their learning curve has been so much quicker than the others.

Ty [Lawson] is going to be fine. He has an extra dimension that most people don't have with his speed, but he hasn't learned as quickly as others. I'm out there tonight ranting and raving at him, because twice in a row he didn't box out. I don't care if your 5-11, 6-0, or whatever how tall he says he is, you still got to go box out. The little things like that are things Ty is going to improve through the course of the season. He's going to be a big-time player for us.

Alex [Stepheson] and Deon [Thompson] have never been pushed as hard as we've pushed them right now. They've never faced the kind of competition everyday in practice like they have, but I think they will.

Will Graves, we released today that he's going to red-shirt.

On Terry's second half performance –

What he tried to do is he tried to be player of the year in the entire world in the first half, and he just tried to do too much instead of just relaxing and playing basketball. I told him at halftime, you can't make a thousand plays in the first half. Just relax and play. I think he was pressing a little bit. In the first half, he throws it to Quentin in the corner, Quentin throws it back to him and he shoots the ball. He doesn't even get it to the other side of the floor and he had Brandan Wright wide open underneath the basket for a lay-up. Then he dribbles it down the court and people come up behind him. It's really a pretty easy deal - you're going up the court, you've just to see the defense, and you've got to count the number of fingers you have, one through five. If there's not five guys in front of you, they're not out in the concession stands, they're running behind you. So I think he was just pressing a little bit. Bobby made a really nice pass on the lob play and got it going and there was the steal a couple of minutes after that. I think that his activity on the offensive boards was the other thing that was important for us.

On Sacred Heart sticking around –

They made outside shots. We were only up five at half, but we missed a dead lay-up. Marcus drive the baseline, misses a lay-up, that would have taken it to ten, and then they bank one in at the horn basically to make it five. It old them I wasn't concerned about that, but we've got to guard better. If we tell you your man and you think he's a good shooter, try to figure out what neighborhood he lives in and try to get close. I like their club. They have strengths, and they played to their strengths instead of away from their weaknesses. They went small against us. A couple of times they had no post players out there.

On redshirting Graves –

I've been thinking about it, and William and I talked about it on Sunday. I told the staff that I was going to talk to him. He asked me if he could meet with me after practice, so both of us were thinking the same thing. It was sort of neat for him to come up and wants to talk about it, because he was a little embarrassed, a little nervous about how to say it, because he didn't want to sound like he was being selfish. He's just a great kid. When you look at him, he's got Marcus and Wes [Miller], Danny [Green] and Reyshawn, Wayne, those guys ahead of him at the 2/3 spot. There's not a lot of time left. If you think about it, almost everybody would be better off, a better player your fifth year than you would be your first year. Football does that all the time and generally it works out for them. I think he's only the third guy I ever redshirted, and all of them it was partially their idea.

On planning out playing time before a game –

Everybody's worried about that except me, and that's the truth. The character of our kids, they're so good. You may have read the articles, in one paper Wes said, "I'll be happy as long as our team wins." That's the way everybody's looking at it. The first two exhibition games, I wrote some things down about how I wanted to sub. These guys count, so I'm not going to make plans. I'm going to go by the seat of my pants. That's what coaching is a lot. But sometimes I'll take guys out; I took Bobby out tonight because he was just so soft. Two plays in a row, he didn't get back on defense and made a sloppy pass. He's going to be important to us, as all the guys are. It's hard, and I told him this after the game, and I used Bobby as an example, it's hard so sit over there for quite awhile and then all of sudden I put you back in the game and you've got to have the intensity. As hard as that may be, that's what we're going to have to do. I know we're going to play a lot of guys. At times we went small, at times we played Danny and Reyshawn. That worked a couple of times.

On defense concerns –

It's not effort, because they're trying to do it, but you've got to know how to do it. Everybody in here would try to hit the ball like Tiger Woods and they've got no freakin' hope. They know what to do, they've just got to build habits. In high school, they were so much quicker, more athletic, bigger, stronger, everything, than the next guy, they could loaf a little bit defensively and still keep the guy in front of them. But at this level, they're playing guys just as quick, just as athletic as they are. So they have to have great technique. But you have to keep practicing and practicing before it becomes habit. I think that's what it's going to be. Our guys gave the effort, for the most part, it's just got to be physical effort and mental effort.

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