UNC-WU: Postgame Press Conference (w/audio)

CHARLOTTE --- North Carolina coach Roy Williams and players Tyler Hansbrough and Marcus Ginyard spoke to reporters following the Tar Heels' 73-66 win over Winthrop on Wednesday at Bobcats Arena.

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Roy Williams Opening Remarks -

One of the officials came over to me after the game and said it was almost like an NCAA Tournament game with the intensity out on the floor and that's what it felt like to me from the bench. First half we had no intensity and they had a bunch and second half we came out and after that it was a hard fought game on both ends. I did challenge them a bit at halftime because I thought they were trying to be too cute, too careless and too casual instead of going out and being determined. I didn't throw any chairs or knock over any trash cans or anything like that. I do believe in the second half we had much greater intensity. At one point I said, 'Let's just get down and guard them in our straight man-to-man. Quit worrying about any traps and gambling and have enough pride to guard your man.' The way they were really hurting us was dribble penetration and pitching to a three-point shooter.

Bench gave us a big lift. First half Ty [Lawson] was absolutely awful and second half he was really, really good. Marcus [Ginyard] gave us solid play the whole game, had seven rebounds coming off the bench and was good defensively as he always does. Tyler [Hansbrough] was something else and I think we've got to get the ball inside to Tyler and Brandan [Wright] and if we do that good things are going to happen. Wasn't our best effort in the first half, in the second half I was really pleased with our intensity level.

(To Hansbrough) On if this team got tougher tonight -

I think definitely. I think coming into the first half, we were down, and really put a challenge on us to come back. We really had to dig within ourselves to find some intensity to match what they had in the first half. I think that's something we needed, to prepare us down the road when we do get behind in the first half, we'll be able to come back, and we know what it needs to take to do that.

(To Hansbrough) On the physical play -

I think it was very physical on both ends. It was tough, being a big man and it was very difficult to post up and things like that. But at the same time it was very difficult to get a rebound at any time. But I'm fine with that. I'm pretty used to that.

(To Ginyard) On what he did defensively on Torrell Martin -

Coach always talks about guarding your man the way you don't like to be guarded, and he looked real comfortable out there, shooting three's and getting to the basket and grabbing rebounds. So you try to get him out of his comfort zone - get a little closer to him, make him think about you more than he was thinking about shooting or getting the rebound, and really just try to go after him aggressively, to box him out and keep him off the offensive boards. I could tell he was getting real frustrated. He wasn't getting a lot of looks he was getting in the first half. Once you could see he was getting frustrated, you knew you were doing something good. I just tried to stay in his head and get him outside of his comfort zone.

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