Wayne Ellington Q&A (w/audio)

CHARLOTTE --- North Carolina freshman guard Wayne Ellington gives his first accounts to the media since beginning his college career. Read and listen to what he had to say…

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On second half adjustments made by Coach Roy Williams –

There wasn't one thing in particular. He just came in and told us what we were doing wrong and that basically that it was gut check time. And how bad did we want it? How competitive were we going to be? So we just came out and dug deep and got stops on defense. It started with our defense; then our offense came.

On Winthrop's challenge –

I think this is one of the best teams we've faced so far in the season. We're a really young team and don't know exactly what to expect. So it was just being able to compete. I think this was a very important game for us actually, because games like this will help us become a better team.

On his keys to success since joining Carolina –

It's just been a lot of fun being here at Carolina, being coached by Roy Williams and being surrounded by this great team. As a freshman, I'm just coming in and learning everyday – that's been the best thing for me. You listen to Coach Williams and you get better every day.

On picking up on the ‘UNC System' –

At first it was tough; you know there are a lot of plays they're throwing at you. But you start to get more comfortable as the season goes along. I've adjusted pretty well.

What have you learned about Coach Williams that you didn't know before you got to school?

It's not really anything that I learned, because I knew a lot about Coach Williams before I came here to Carolina. I think it's just how competitive he is. I mean, I knew he was competitive, but I didn't realize how competitive he was.

Did you get a good indication of that tonight?

Oh yeah, definitely, definitely. I sure did – at halftime.

What did he say at halftime?

He just came in here and was cracking. He wasn't mad about anything. He just said it was gut check time. ‘How bad do we want it? How far down do you want to be?'

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