Ty Lawson Q&A (w/audio)

CHARLOTTE --- North Carolina freshman point guard Ty Lawson bounced back from a rough start on Wednesday versus upstart Winthrop. Read and listen to what he had to say in some of his first public comments since becoming a Tar Heel.

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On his second half adjustment to cut down turnovers -

I mostly just let the game come to me instead of trying to force the issue driving the lane.

On he and his teammates contentment with the current situation -

We're all good right now. I like the way I'm playing, Bobby [Frasor], Wayne [Ellington] … As long as we're winning everybody is going to be fine with it.

On wearing down opponents –

Yeah, that's the main thing we like to do – wear them down. At the beginning, they hit almost every three-pointer they shot, then they made like 6-for-23. That's what you try to do – wear people's legs down.

On his adjustment to college from high school –

It's the intensity on defense. In high school it wasn't really like that. It's a lot different from high school.

On what he's learned about Coach Williams' competitiveness –

I knew he was real competitive. He came in here and got everybody fired up. We were ready to play after that.

On stopping the turnovers in the second half –

I was pushing the ball too far in the lane and then trying to push it out. People were getting their hands on it. I was trying to force the issue. In the second half I let the game come to me and make sure passes.

On learning the ‘UNC System' as a point guard –

The UNC system is real tough. You've got to pick and choose who you give it to. You just can't come down and dribble the ball; you've got to move it around. I like the system, but it was kind of tough for me. It's still hard for me to adjust to the system. I'm used to just pushing the ball and doing my own thing, but they run a lot of plays. I like the system a lot, I just have to get used to it. I think by ACC time I'll be used to it.

On playing on a team with this much talent –

It's great talent. I'm kind of used to sharing because at Oak Hill we had a lot of D-I players like this, but talent like this helps my job out a lot. Wayne can create his own shot a do a lot, Brandon [Wright], Tyler [Hansbrough], Reyshawn Terry… Everybody can score. I love it.

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