Jesse Holley Q&A (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Caroilna senior wide receiver has one game left with the Tar Heels in this Saturday's match-up with Duke. Read and listen to what he had to say on Tuesday.

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On his final game –

It's kind of emotional. I went through a lot of emotions last week. You see people around the building you have taken a liking to. They keep saying, "It's the last game, man," and I keep saying, "All good things must come to an end at some point and time." I am happy and I am sad. I'm sad because I have to leave this place and I'm happy because I get to move on to a new town. It's exciting and sad in the same breath.

On his relationship with John Bunting –

This has been a long relationship between coach Bunting and me, and we have been through so much together. Everyone knows that coach Bunting and I did not see eye-to-eye at first and bumped heads, but I think together we have grown. We have learned how to deal with certain situations, and things that didn't kill us has only made us stronger. When you go through so many situations with the game of football and life it just makes you a stronger person. I think that what happened to me with coach Bunting at the helm as the leader, it has definitely helped me to become a better person and a man which will ultimately help me out in life outside of football or on my next stage of football.

On Bunting's statement that Holley had a special place in his heart –

Definitely, definitely, definitely. After the game last week, I just told him thank you so much for believing in me. Thanks for coming to New Jersey and seeing something in me and wanting me to be a part of this program and allowing me to be Jesse and allowing me to grow as a person and mature as a man. He has a great deal to do with me becoming the man that I am because he allowed me to be me with some restraints. He let me know that there are some things you may have to do in life that you may not want to do but you have to do them with a smile on your face. There are always going to be rules and regulations that you will have to follow and people you will have to answer to, and the quicker you learn how to do that and be smart about it the easier will be. Coach Bunting and I will move on from this place, but we will never move apart from each other

On the importance of sending Bunting out with a win –

No, not really, don't get me wrong. We want to win this game bad because it's next game. You go out there to play football to win games. You don't go out there just to play, you go out there to win. We definitely want to go out there and win this game because it's our next game, and we want to beat Duke. It's as big a rivalry as State. You don't want to loose the Bell to those guys. We still want to go out on a winning note, and we want to win it for coach Bunting; his last game is a definitely an added incentive and we will go out there with a bunch of passion, a bunch of emotion and a bunch of energy.

On responding after last week's emotional win –

We will. We will. This team - throughout everything - we have been through this season we have never had a problem coming back to prepare for our next opponent. Though each and every tough loss and embarrassing loss that we have gone through and all the trials we have been through this season, the one thing that has been a constant is that we have come to practice to work harder and to prepare for our next opponent, and we are going to do that throughout this week in preparation to win out last game of the season.

Can you imagine losing the Victory Bell to Duke this Saturday?

No, I can't imagine that, not at all. That thought has never even once played through my mind. Like I said, it was here when I got here, and it will be here when I leave.

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