Davis' Recruitment On Hold

Since North Carolina announced that John Bunting would be relieved of his head coaching duties, rumors began to circulate about Emanuel Davis and the status of his pledge to the Tar Heels.

"Everything's been changing [with his recruitment] with the coaches [at UNC] and a lot of people coming and talking to him," said Manteo (N.C.) head football coach Walt Davis. "He's just kind of in a sit and hold position, right now."

East Carolina, North Carolina, and N.C. State are the schools most in contact with Davis.

Davis, a 5-foot-11 190-pound athlete, verbally committed to the Tar Heels in July. Although he has not officially de-committed, Davis has slightly wavered on his pledge.

"I would say his commitment [to UNC] is good at this time," said Davis. "He's looking at East Carolina a little bit more, lately – I'll tell you that. He feels real comfortable with East Carolina, right now, but I think he's just kind of sitting and holding on."

Much of Davis' recruitment will weigh on North Carolina's situation with their coaches, especially the head coach.

"He doesn't know Coach Davis at all and I don't think he knows anything about him," said Davis. "The status of the [assistant] coaches that are there is a concern to him, [because] those are the coaches that he knows.

"I think after the football season is when they'll set-up for [Emanuel] to meet Coach Davis. The Sunday after the Duke game, is when Coach Davis will come on campus and start setting up things at that time."

Thus far, Davis hasn't taken any of his official visits. He figures to confront that issue after his senior football season concludes.

"He has not taken any official visits to anywhere," said Davis. "He is just waiting until we get out of the playoffs to start looking at that. We'll be playing in the third round of the playoffs this coming Friday night and he feels a commitment to this team. At the point when we finish the playoffs, we'll sit down together and we'll set-up what we're going to do."

If the weather lets up, Manteo will host Camden (N.C.) Friday. With Davis starring at both quarterback and safety, Manteo boasts a 13-0 record and have shut out nine of their 13 opponents.

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