Davis Intro: Player Quotes (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- After Butch Davis was introduced Monday afternoon, North Carolina players Trimane Goddard, Scott Lenahan, Chase Rice and Connor Barth answered questions from the media ...

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"We're going to always have high expectations and we know the fans' expectations are now drastically increased. We just have to go get ready for spring ball and buy into his system and do as he says -- because like he said, the faster we buy in the faster we'll win."



"His enthusiasm and passion is contagious when he walks into a room. He has the kind of leadership that just kind of takes over a room. He's a very passionate person."



"He talked about that he didn't come in here to rebuild a down program, he came in to take this team to the national championship. That's what college football players dream of and that's what we want to do and it's what he spoke of - you could tell it came from the heart and you could tell it was true, which is real exciting to hear ...

"We sat around about five minutes after he left, but everyone seemed real excited and someone said 'I'm ready to go play right now.'"



"I've never had a coaching change in my life, but I'm sure we're going to work hard and get down to business as soon as possible. I can't wait for the challenge and I think the whole team's ready for the challenge. I can't wait for spring ball, it's in three months, but I wish it'd come around tomorrow."

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