Davis Setting Up Visit with Paulus

On the eve of the press conference officially announcing his hiring, Butch Davis squeezed in a call to one recruit – UNC's heralded quarterback commitment, Mike Paulus.

"He gave me a call late [Sunday] night and I talked to him," said Paulus. "I had a feeling he was going to call Sunday or Monday – I knew those were the first days he could call. It got late [Sunday night] to the point where I didn't know if he would call or not.

"We just talked. It was an honor for me to be the first one that he called [and] the only one he called Sunday night. I am grateful for being able to talk to him a little bit. He said that I was the first recruit that he called and that I'm the first recruit he's going to come visit.

"[He called me first because] he just feels that the quarterback is the leader. He's the kind of guy that feels that the quarterback position is the position that sets the tone. We just talked about leadership and about me getting on the horn with some kids and just winning."

Although his high school defensive coordinator is good friends with Davis, this was Paulus' first opportunity to speak with North Carolina's new head coach.

"Like everyone else, I'm impressed," said Paulus. "When I talked to him, he just seemed like a real person. For the first time talking to him, he was real easy to talk to. We agreed on pretty much everything. I believe in what he says and what he does."

While he didn't get into specifics, Davis touched on just about every aspect of the Tar Heels' football program.

"We talked about expectations, what he wanted to do, that he wanted to contend nationally, and then he told me a little bit about himself," said Paulus. "We talked a little bit about recruiting, as well. Also, we're going to set up a meeting with him to get to my house sometime this week."

Although the two parties will finalize the details Monday night, Paulus' in-home visit with Davis will probably occur late Thursday evening after Paulus' basketball practice, he said.

With Paulus' experience assisting the old coaching staff with their recruiting efforts, it comes as no surprise that Davis would call on the 6-foot-5, 210-pound quarterback to help with his first recruiting class at UNC.

"He just talked about me talking to kids, maybe talking to some new kids as well," said Paulus. "We just talked briefly about [recruiting]. He just wanted to get some names of kids that were in the North Carolina area. As soon as I got off the phone with him, I texted him with as many numbers as I have for him to get in contact with them.

"I just want to help out as much as I can with me talking to kids. And whatever he wants, I'll do. He's the boss, whatever he says, goes."

Paulus expects Davis to go into more detail about recruiting during the in-home visit.

"He just said he was going to talk to some recruits before he headed out and visited me," said Paulus. "He's still getting squared away there. I'm sure we'll get more in-depth about recruiting and philosophies when he gets here."

Most recruits – including Paulus – are concerned with the fate of particular assistant coaches. According to Paulus, Davis hasn't made any moves for assistants for his staff.

"He said he's going to meet with the [current assistant] coaches, but he wasn't sure what was going on, yet, with that," said Davis. "No names were really mentioned for position coaches."

This past season, Paulus led Syracuse (N.Y.) Christian Brothers Academy to a 7-1 record. On the year, Paulus competed 58.8-percent of his passes for 2,304 yards, 29 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions.

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