Bunting Announces Move on Defense

CHAPEL HILL, NC -- With less than two weeks remaining before the University of North Carolina's football season-opener, head coach John Bunting announced Monday afternoon that Will Chapman is moving from defensive tackle to defensive end. Defonte Coleman is also getting repetitions at linebacker as a precautionary measure.

"We made that move today," John Bunting said of Chapman's move. "He's been there before, and I'm not satisfied with the end play. It started in the spring with some of our depth and the play at defensive tackle. But once again, when Carl [Smalls] doesn't practice, it hurts us. We're hopeful that he'll be back soon. I'm pleased with the play of [Donti] Coats, I'm pleased with the play of Eric Davis. We've got Chase Page back today, so, hopefully, he'll be full-speed for us. I've got three or four tackles that can still play for us... It affords us to shore up that position a little more. I'm not satisfied with our end play."

"I'm excited [about the move]" Will Chapman remarked with a glimmer in his eye. "I think I'm an end, naturally. I'm not a 300-pound tackle like most of them. I'm excited about it. I like playing end a lot better."

His athleticism was first evident when he played special teams a couple of years ago. In spite of being one of the biggest players on the coverage team, he was always one of the first players to reach the ball carrier. Now, he'll be able to use his 4.74 speed (the last measured time, prior to knee surgery) on the end.

"I like tackle, and I enjoy playing three-technique, but I like coming off the end because there is a little more room to work, and it will be easier on my body because I won't have to fight those double-teams."

While he believes that he may be more of a natural end, Chapman thinks his experience at tackle will serve him well. Some of what he learned will transfer to his new position.

"Using my hands," Chapman explained. "Our ends aren't using their hands very well, and Coach Broadway stresses that to us. That has helped me come off low and stay low, playing with my hands, move my feet. I think every defensive end should move to tackle and get double-teamed for a couple of days. They'll learn to stay low and use their hands. You can't learn that when you are on the edge of a tight end or a tackle. You've got to learn it down in the trenches, and I feel like that will help me this season.

Bunting also announced that Defonte Coleman is getting some repetitions at linebacker, just in case his services are needed at that position, due to the lack of depth at linebacker.

"He does some things at both safety and linebacker," Bunting remarked. "I'm only trying to get him trained there a little bit, depending on if we have a disaster. He's a bigger guy. Everybody in the world knows that we don't have much depth at linebacker. He's a 'disaster-type' linebacker, so we get a few snaps here and there for Defonte'."

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