Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On the first five games, starting 4-1 -

"I don't like it – I'd rather be 5-0, there's no question about that. I'd just like us to be playing better and I think that's the most frustrating thing. We've got some old guys who are feeling a little pressure, and the younger guys don't know enough yet about what's going on and need to be carried. 4-1 is second best, 5-0 would be best. We've got a challenge for us this week that will tell us a heck of a lot more about our basketball team. …

"First of all, when you win that's good. But as a coach what you try to get your team to do is play to its potential. We had a 21-point lead at halftime and then we had four charging fouls in the second half. If I'm driving down the road and it's open, I'm going to keep driving. If there are cars blocking the road, I'm not going to try and knock them down. And that's the way you should play basketball. I was disappointed in our intelligence and savvy, but I liked the way we kept attacking. If somebody is going to press, then we're going to attack and try to make you pay for attacking us with your pressure. Our kids are trying … at one point very late in the game, with some parents right behind the bench, I said ‘I want all you boys to go home and tell your mommies and daddies that you want Santa Claus to bring you some brains.' The parents giggles and one parent said, ‘Yeah, that's good – that's cheap!' So we've just got to play with more intelligence."

On the hiring of Butch Davis -

"Met Buch Davis for the first time this morning. We played a little phone tag for the last couple of weeks … I was very impressed and am extremely happy to have him here. Went to the press conference today in my coaching gear and had to leave early. We had practice at 3:30 and the press conference started at 3:00. I told him I love John Bunting to death, but I'm going to love him to death, too, because I love the North Carolina football program. And I'll do everything I can to help him. I think he's going to do a great job, I loved his answers at the press conference. Again, I hated what happened to John, because I think so much of him as everyone else does because you can't be a better person than John Bunting. But I think Butch Davis is going to do a good job and he'll have Roy Williams' support 100 percent. Not going to be 99 – it'll be 100."

On Tyler Hansbrough –

"We didn't do a good job getting the ball to Tyler in the Gonzaga game. When Tyler only has five shots, we're not doing a good job. … If three people are guarding him, he should throw it out, but if two people are coming and we shoot the ball in there before the double team gets there you really have an advantage because that's taking two guys off the boards and one of those guys is supposed to be boxing out the other big guy. He needs to pass it out a little more, but that's the least of my worries."

On playing Bobby Frasor and Ty Lawson together –

We did do some of that in New York … but the fact of the matter is you can only play five and if you put Ty at the point and Bobby at the two, then what are you going to do with Wayne and Wes? So there may be some situations where we do play them together because we want two ball handlers in there. But every [fan's] got some favorites, and the good thing about being the head coach is you have no favorites because you just want to win."

On team defense –

"Marcus [Ginyard] graded out better than anybody in the Tennessee game, but overall the defensive grades were not very good in either game [in New York]. In our games in Charlotte, I thought our defense was much stronger. One thing about it is that the way Tennessee was pressing, we're running so hard and they're running back, it's going to get a bit haphazard out there. Marcus' defensive grade, I think it was against Gonzaga, was 15-1 and that's really, really good. In the Tennessee game we had four guys of the top ten that had negative grades and the other six were positive. I don't like it when anybody's negative. But this is a young team …"

On the deep rotation -

"We'll continue giving guys a chance, but as the year goes on we'll narrow it down a bit. I've always been extremely comfortable playing nine guys at a time and some years even 10. 11 or 12 is a little more difficult and as we go along it probably will be narrowed down a little bit from what it is right now. But I'm not really concerned about that. Whoever is in the game has to play better. … I'm comfortable playing a lot of guys and we'll just have to see how it comes out."

On defending the three –

"In New York in neither game were we supposed to double the post, and we did a couple times and were not supposed to do that. That's one of the things you have [trouble with] as a young team, is being able to adjust from game to game. The [Josh] Heytvelt guy for Gonzaga really had a good game against us, but the other players in the Gonzaga game and all the players in the Tennessee game the post player was supposed to guard the guy by himself and was not supposed to have help coming down. We made some mistakes and they are hopefully things we're going to work out as we go along. Last year, one of the things Davis Noel did for us was he was such a vocal leader. If you're in the game, you heard David talking all the time – he was like a choreographer out there trying to get everybody in the right spot. I challenged our team, ‘Who is going to take over not just David's leadership but also his vocal presence on the floor?' So far Bobby has been the best talker, but we haven't had anybody getting everyone in the right spots yet. … But we have five freshmen in the mix and it'll take them a while to get used to all the information you give them."

On his coaching staff –

"A lot of coaches can say it, but nobody can say it with the conviction that I do: I have the best coaching staff in America. With Joe Holladay and Steve Robinson, who have been with me for such a long time; Jerod [Haase] and C.B. [McGrath] who played for me do such a wonderful job. We change their responsibilities every year with Jerod and C.B. going from one year on the court to one year off the court. Last year Jerod had a couple job interviews and I think they'll continue to have that. Joe and Steve have always had people interested, but I've been very lucky that so far they've decided to stay with me. I know one day that'll come to a pass where they find the right job for them and I'll be very happy for them."

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