Danny Green Q&A (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina's Danny Green spoke to reporters on Tuesday from the Smith Center in advance of the Tar Heels' Big Ten Challenge match-up with No. 1/3 Ohio State. Read and listen to what he had to say.

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On what the team is doing well and what needs improvement -

Right now I think we're trying to improve on playing together more. We have a lot of guys and are real deep. That's probably the biggest thing – our defense and playing together as a team on offense. Right now we're just playing really well on talent and we're getting better defensively. In the Gonzaga game we didn't shoot well, but I think we're shooting better now. I think we'll be really good once when we improve on those two things – our defense and playing together as a team.

Do you mean playing more consistent on defense?

I think that's one of the main things. Staying in front of the ball helps a lot, because when teams penetrate and kick (the ball back out), that's when they get a lot of threes.

How much do you wish Greg Oden was playing tomorrow night?

I think everybody wishes he would play tomorrow night. It would make the game more exciting. But they still have good players, and they're going to come out playing hard and they're going to be tough still. (When we saw the game on the schedule), everybody was looking forward to it, but we're still happy to play the other guys that are in it. He can't play, but we're still going to try and play as hard as we can and get the ‘W.'

Do you think someway he may still play?

We used to think that. Earlier in the season we all thought he would be playing by (this) time, but I don't see it happening.

On the team's confidence -

I think it was a little shaken after the Gonzaga game, but the last couple of practices helped a lot. They've been intense and enthusiastic. I think our confidence is fine right now as it should be. But we shouldn't be too confident, because we haven't proved anything yet.

On the feeling in a game like this -

It's going to be very intense. Every possession is going to count; every play; every rebound. Every little thing is going to count. The crowd's going to be into it. It's going to be like the first game every freshman has ever played in. The adrenalin is going to be pumping and you're not going to know what to expect, but everybody's going to be excited to play.

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