Bunting Q&A:

CHAPEL HILL, NC - University of North Carolina head football coach John Bunting took time to answer a few questions after the final day of practice prior to the start of the fall semester.

What did you do today with the information that you got from the tape of the Saturday nigh scrimmage, that you watched yesterday?

"We've made a few adjustments in some special teams depth charts. We've made a couple of adjustments, offensively and defensively, that are not real noticable. They are back-up type positions. Wednesday will be our last real opportunity to evaluate where we are.

"We got one or two guys back, we lost a couple more today. Carl Smalls didn't practice today. Bobby Blizzard had a hamstring pull today. Doug Justice being down is hurting him and hurting our football team that he can't practice. We're moving guys around a little bit, not a lot, from the evaluation on Saturday."

What were your goals coming into camp? What did you accomplish, and what did you not accomplish?

"We're still in camp. As far as I'm concerned, we're in camp until Sunday night. Saturday will be a game-like type practice. Everything will be focused on how that game will be played against Miami. We won't be playing like we're playing against Miami. We'll wait on that, but everything will be geared towards that, so I'm still in camp. We're not through camp, because we aren't finished. We aren't close to being a finished product right now.

"We have about nine practices before we play, and we have about four or five in preparation for game week, so we still have to polish up and clean up a lot of details—definition and our defensive gap control and technique work.

"My goals for training camp were simple. I wanted to be a tougher football team. We haven't accomplished that goal yet. I wanted to be a better offensive team. I think we're closing in on that. I wanted to be the best we can be on defense in every single position. We're not there yet. Special teams, which you know is important to me, is still in flux. It's not where it needs to be, but we have time.

If an opposing team were to prepare for you today, my guess would be that they would want to line up and run it right at you to see if you can stop them.

"I would. Sure I would, absolutely."

How far have you come in that regard, considering all the injuries?

"We have come a ways, but you can't get to where you want when guys are on the sidelines in green and red shirts—key people. It's impossible. It can not be done. You can not play football watching tape."

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