Chapman Q&A

CHAPEL HILL, NC -- University of North Carolina junior will Chapman, who recently moved from defensive tackle to defensive end, talks about the current state of the Tar Heel defense and the prospects for the future.

Opposing offenses are going to try to run the ball against you until you prove you can stop it. Can you stop the run?

"Yes, we can. We can. It's assignment football. Watching the film -- we played terrible in the scrimmage, in case you didn't know that. It's assignment football -- making tackles, playing your gap, gap control. It's our job up front. If I've got the B-gap, I've got to maintain that B-gap because someone else has A-gap. In every defense we play, every gap is covered. You have to do your job. You have to hold your own."

Is the confidence for this group shaky, right now?

"Yes, I think it is. Any time you have a bad scrimmage, of course you are going to question [yourselves]. It's the job of the leaders and the seniors to get everybody back. It only takes one good practice to bounce back and have some confidence about yourself and walk around with a swagger. We are kind of walking around down, right now, but I think that is good. A young defense needs to face adversity in the beginning. I would rather do it now than go out against Miami and face it."

If everyone can get healthy, do you have the pieces here to be a good defense, realistically?

"Yes, there is. Like I've said, we don't have the All-American's or the big names, but we have good football [players]. We have a ton of speed. We have more speed this year than we had last year. And that's the way we are going to play; we are going to blitz and come after people. I think that speed will help us."

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