UNC-OSU: Roy Williams Quotes (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams spoke to reporters on Wednesday following the Tar Heels' 98-89 over top-ranked Ohio State at the Smith Center. Read and listen to what he had to say.

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Opening Statement:

"It was a heck of a basketball game. Even as a coach, you sit over there and marvel at the level that the kids are playing at offensively. I think both teams would probably like to play a little better on the defensive end of the floor, and I shouldn't speak for that.

I know we would like to play a little on the defensive end of the floor particularly in the first half. Second half we had about 3 or 4 possessions defensively that really gives me hope that we can be a good defensive team. We had a double team on the sideline, they throw it to the short corner, and we got a double-team down there and Wayne ends up with a steal. We get a double-team another time and Wayne ends up with a steal again, so everybody was getting to the spots they were supposed to be.

You can sit here and talk about a lot of guys. I told Brandan and Reyshawn they need to give us something in the second half. Brandan I think had 3 straight field goals in one stretch. Reyshawn made a big 3 for us. I thought Marcus was sensational for us defensively. Wayne probably had his best defensive game in the year. They're a difficult team to play. Mike Conley with the basketball with a screen on the ball, as often as they use it, is extremely difficult to guard. I think we were a little better in the second half, but you can't look by they shot 50% in the second half, but I think Steve said the first 16 minutes they shot 41%.

At the end, I probably got too involved in coaching instead of just letting the game happen. We had only used 2 fouls and we wanted to use some fouls to use some time. The first one worked out really well: we made the foul and then used 6 seconds, and I thought how bright I was, and then after that we stunk it up, so I showed how dumb I am. If you have that scenario, you should use some fouls, we just got to do a better job of it. When you say, do not foul as he's going to the basket, that's English, but we've got some very intelligent kids who take Spanish and French and those kind of things.

It was a heck of a college basketball game. Thad Motta is true gentlemen and a big-time coach, they got a big-time team, and when Greg Oden gets back and playing for them, they're going to be a heck of a team. He's got their progra

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