Powell Learning About UNC's New Staff

Tydreke Powell, who once was considered a strong UNC lean, received a phone call from new North Carolina head football coach Butch Davis on Tuesday night.

"He just talked about Coach [John] Bunting," said Powell. "He wants me to come up this weekend when [the basketball team] plays Kentucky, but I have to take the SAT Saturday. So, I told him it would have to be another date.

"He sounded like a pretty good guy."

Additionally, Davis talked about setting up a trip to Ahoskie (N.C.) for an in-home visit with Powell and the 6-foot-4, 295-pound defensive tackle's family for next week.

The fate of Powell's primary recruiter, Kenny Browning, wasn't covered during the discussion with Davis. However, later that night, a conversation with Browning himself eased Powell's worries.

"It slipped my mind about asking about Coach Browning," said Powell. "But, what Coach Browning told me [Tuesday] night, I don't think they're going to get rid of him. I think Coach Browning will still stay there. That makes me feel real comfortable."

Sticking to his word, with his senior football season over, Tydreke Powell has begun to tackle his recruitment.

"I've set up two [official] visits – one to Florida State [January 19th] and one to Virginia Tech [January 26th] and I'm in the process of making one with Penn State," said Powell. "I'm working on [the other two visits] now. I'm trying to see about UNC and Florida [for my final two allotted official visits]."

Powell originally planned to skip out on officially visiting Chapel Hill given his strong familiarity with the campus. However, Powell has had a change of heart with all the changes occurring at UNC.

Powell hopes to have all five of his official visits squared away by next week. However, he doesn't expect a verbal commitment until late January.

While Hertford County ended the 2006 season much earlier then expected, Powell posted yet another excellent year with 135 tackles and 14 sacks. He also added four touchdowns in limited action at fullback.

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