Davis In-Homes with Paulus

Taking time out of his busy schedule, Butch Davis traveled to Syracuse to spend nearly half of a day with prized quarterback recruit Mike Paulus.

"It went well," said Paulus. "Coach Davis got into my school at about 3 [o'clock] and watched my [basketball] practice. At about 5:30, we went back to my house. We just talked for an hour or two at dinner and then talked for another hour or two."

During his stay, Davis further explained the philosophies and expectations he described to Paulus over the phone Sunday night.

"[We talked about] just everything," said Paulus. "[We talked] a lot about recruiting – a lot of other [recruits], and what he plans on doing.

"You can just tell by the way he talks and his confidence that it's going to be a big deal. He was just telling me how he has talked to people and everyone agrees that [UNC] is a sleeping giant and big things are going to happen."

Throughout their time together, Davis made it a point how much he is emphasizing recruiting.

"He talked a lot about talent, recruiting, and bringing the right guys in and just competing – bringing in guys that want to battle," said Paulus.

"There are some real big names that are becoming real interested. I can't ‘name drop' yet, but really, really big-named kids have been in contact with him."

Paulus did reveal that fellow UNC pledge Dwight Jones and Notre Dame pledge Greg Little were mentioned by Davis as skill position players of importance.

After dinner, Davis evaluated Paulus' film and briefly described his intentions for the 6-foot-5, 210-pounder once he's on campus.

"He really couldn't go into details, because they're still trying to figure out who the offensive coordinator and key position coaches will be and what they want to do," said Paulus.

"He watched my tape and said what he liked. He said I'm much more athletic then he thought I was. He said I move well. He wants me to get down there as soon as possible to compete."

Given Paulus' concerns with certain assistant coaches, Davis did touch on the coaching staff situation.

"We talked about [assistant coaches] a little bit," said Paulus. "They're starting to let [coaches] go and let [coaches] know if they're going to ‘stay for now,' but nothing is going to be set in stone probably until January. He didn't tell me who he's keeping or who he's not keeping, yet. He's still evaluating the assistants."

Overall, Davis' stay built upon the positive first impression he left on Paulus during their Sunday night phone conversation.

"He's just really sharp," said Paulus. "He's very professional and he's just very good at what he does – you can tell that already. He's very determined and he's going to get things done regardless of what people say."

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