Roy Williams PC Quotes (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina coach Roy Williams said he's pleased with his team following the win over Ohio State Wednesday night. Now he hopes the Tar Heels will continue their high level of play Saturday at noon against Kentucky. Read and listen to today's press conference from the Smith Center.

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On Bobby Frasor's foot injury -

"I didn't see him yesterday. After the game we had some conversations with the doctors again. I think we've just got to be very careful with it. I would expect that he would practice some today. But I would also expect that it will be limited. I expect it will be the same type of scenario that we had Wednesday night."

Has he had it X-Rayed?

"Oh yes; I'm sure. They tell me it's a sore spot and they don't want it to develop into anything else."

With the 500-win milestone coming up, what do you still like the most about coaching?

"I still love working with the kids. I still love working with the guys on the court, trying to get everybody on the same page – mentally and physically, seeing their improvement, pushing them harder than they are comfortable pushing themselves."

Do you remember your top three games?

"There have been a lot of great games. Of course, St. Louis winning the national championship in 2005 will be something that will be with me for the rest of my life."

On the play of mid-majors this year -

"I don't expect them to go away. Sportswriters like to use a lot of clichés, but there is a lot of parity in college basketball. I don't consider Gonzaga as a mid-major. The size of the school shouldn't matter. What should matter is the success and the tradition that you have, and that's what Gonzaga has done. They have more of a likelihood of keeping their kids around for four years. Bottom line, it doesn't matter whether it's mid-major or high-major, you try to beat that team that you're playing."

Kentucky's talking a lot about trying to control tempo. How dependent are you on your chosen tempo?

"We are dependent on it because that's the way we want to play. But we realize teams are going to try and do that because we've been fairly succesful and that's what we're good at. We understand we'll see some phase of that in a lot of the games we'll play ... but I expect them to try and spread the floor a little bit, control the tempo and whatever it is we've got to be able to play at that level. I think we can win in the 50s but I'd much rather win in the 90s."

Do you worry about a letdown from the team and the fans after the Ohio State game?

"It was a high level college game with great intensity, but you have to put that behind you and three days later play again. It is something I'm concerned about and it is something that we're going to talk to the kids about. The fans, I'm hoping they won't be sitting back relaxing because it is Kentucky ... this is big-time college basketball at its best and is several years in a row that we've been CBS' national opening game of the year. And it is Kentucky against North Carolina, the two winningest teams in college basketball ..."

What concerns you about Kentucky when you look at their tape?

"Defensively, when Tubby coaches they are always going to be good. Randolph Morris, their leading scorer, gives them an inside presence who can score, clog the lane and be a good defender; Joe Crawford can shoot it from deep, can take you off the dribble; Ramel Bradley has become a better scorer as time has gone along; They bring in a freshman Jasper off the bench and can do some things; Stevenson can block shots and score; Perry from over here in Durham really does a good job in every phase of the game.

"They guard you, they have balanced scoring, they can run, they can press. We'll find out tomorrow if they do decide to try and control tempo how well they do that. It's a complete team with a coaching staff that's one of the best in all of college basketball."

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