Bobby Frasor Q&A (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Bobby Frasor spoke with reporters on Friday prior to the upcoming game with Kentucky. Read and listen to what he had to say.

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How's your foot?

"Sore, but we're being careful with it so hopefully everything will be all right with it."

After playing the other night, is it more sore now?

"It was worse in New York -- playing game, practice, game -- that was the peak of the pain. But we've been careful with it and it's kind of limited me. But I feel good right now."

When did it get injured and how did that happen?

"Not really sure, just wear and tear on it. It just became sore, there wasn't one time or one injury."

Have they given you a diagnosis?

"They just said it's pretty much just a sore foot, so we'll see what happens."

What concerns you looking at film of UK?

"We're going to watch more film after this, but I watched some highlights from their games in Maui and they're very big - we haven't faced a team with that much size. Their guards are good, so we can't look at the fact that they're not ranked."

Who on the team will be making sure the freshmen are in the right mindset?

"I think Marcus, myself, we definitely talk to the freshmen whenever they're around. Wes and Reyshawn have their senior leadership and talk to people to. It's more a team thing where we've got to make sure everyone is ready for the game."

You didn't hesitate to take those big threes against Ohio State on Wednesday, something you perhaps didn't do that much of last year ...

"Last year I was looking more to run the team, I worked on that in the offseason, I'm confident in that right now, my percentages are up, I'm taking good shots. Hopefully I'll continue to do that and they'll continue to fall for me."

What impressed you the most about your team's performance on Wednesday?

"Especially being down ten and they were playing so well, we didn't lose our composure ... it showed how well we can play as a team."

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