Dickey keeps on keeping on

Ra'sean Dickey knows what it feels like to be Shaquille O'Neal. He knows what it feels like to be fouled every time he gets the ball in his comfort zone, which is the paint. In fact, he's not just getting fouled hard -- he's darn near the victim of assault.

"Yeah, they were hacking me," Dickey said. "Down at the team camp, they kept hacking me hard, and I tore some ligaments in my thumb."

The 6-9, 250-pound center from Marlboro County (S.C.) might need surgery, but he's playing with the pain for the time being. Despite some advice to stay away from basketball and let his injury heal, the powerful and agile big man just keeps on working out.

"They (the doctors) said that I may have to get surgery," he said. "But they haven't said anything in a while about it. It feels a little better, but I go back on the 28th to let them look at it again."

In the meantime, though, you can find Dickey on the courts -- working on his game. And working on some aspects to make himself a more versatile player.

"I think I played good this summer," he said. "I did a lot more than I did last summer and I definitely shot a lot more. But I want to work on some other things -- like my dribbling and getting away from the basket some more."

In other words, he wants to expand his game.

"Yeah -- do more stuff out there."

When questioned about his physical condition, Dickey noted that his maximum bench press is probably in the 250 range and that he squats a respectable 315 pounds. And despite reports of being much larger, he's still around 245-250 pounds.

A few months ago, Maryland, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, UNC and Kansas were some of the first schools that he rattled off to us, and now, some things have changed, but some remain the same.

"I still like Maryland, but they haven't been sending me as much stuff lately," he noted. "Tennessee has been recruiting me real hard. So has Stanford, Kentucky, Illinois and Iowa State.

"I got my first letter from Duke two months ago and that felt good. And North Carolina is still recruiting me, too, although not as hard. Virginia is up there, too."

So, we decided to ask the question that everybody wants to know -- 'do you have a top five, big fella?'

"I'd say that Tennessee is up there," Dickey replied. "I still like Maryland a lot. Florida, Virginia and UNC too."

And on the academic side of things, Dickey informed us that his end of year GPA was a strong 3.4.

"My GPA is good, but I still haven't taken the SAT yet. Every time I go up there to take it -- they say that the class is full."

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