Miller In Limbo

FORK UNION, Va. --- North Carolina 2006 signee Jarrell Miller is currently favoring the idea of asking to be released from the National Letter of Intent that he signed with UNC last February.

"[Andre Powell] is coming down today, I'm going to talk to him, [and] see what the situation is," said Miller. "Right now, my thoughts are to talk to him about my release.

"They have a new coaching staff coming in [and] I like to be coached by coaches that I feel comfortable around. There's a good chance that the coaches that I'm comfortable with at North Carolina aren't going to stay."

North Carolina doesn't appear likely to grant Miller his release, according to Fork Union head coach John Shuman.

"Carolina, obviously, they're protecting their interests with a [National Letter of Intent]," said Shuman. "They're saying you're still bounded by the NLI. They're not going to release him. You can't blame them."

"We're waiting on Carolina – they're coming in today. We're going to sit down with them and try to decide what's the next step."

Miller said as of now he's leaning toward Virginia.

"I feel attached to Virginia," said Miller. "I want to stay in the state to represent Virginia. I feel like at UVa I can best represent my family, the state of Virginia, and UVa."

However, if Miller eventually receives his release, another obstacle awaits him. UVa rarely allows January enrollees.

With so many variables, Miller isn't closing any doors.

"I want to talk to coaches and hear what they have to say," said Miller. "I just want more options."

During FUMA's skill camp held Tuesday afternoon, Miller had conversations with numerous Division I-A and I-AA coaches in attendance.

And, there still remains an outside chance Miller returns to Chapel Hill.

"If I have to be a transfer student, I'll just drop the situation and go back to North Carolina," said Miller. "I don't want to sit out a year and my family."

Additionally, Miller plans to have an open mind when talking with the UNC coaches, and said he could return to North Carolina willingly.

Transferring to James Madison, a Division I-AA school located Harrisonburg (Va.), is another option for Miller if he's not released by UNC.

"JMU said they'd take me definitely in January," said Miller.

The decision to originally leave Chapel Hill in August was mutual, according to Miller.

"I had a lot of family issues at home so I came home because I wanted to be at home with my family," said Miller. "So that I would stay in school, I had to come [to FUMA].

"The [North Carolina] coaches thought I needed to leave, too. They thought I needed to go back [home] and grow up a little bit, because they didn't really think I was ready. It was mutual."

Miller feels coming to FUMA has allowed him to mature.

"Most definitely [I feel like I've matured]," said Miller. "Coach Shuman has taught me a lot. If I wasn't here with Coach Shuman, I probably wouldn't have learned as much.

"Actually, I'm glad I came here."

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