Paulus to Meet with Hagen

Butch Davis will send his first UNC assistant coach hire, Steve Hagen, to Syracuse (N.Y.) Christian Brothers Academy on Friday to meet prized pledge Mike Paulus.

"I just got off the phone with Coach Davis and he said he wanted me to meet the new coach that he just hired – Coach Hagen," said Paulus. "He said he wasn't sure what position he was going to coach yet, but he wanted me to start meeting guys."

While Davis couldn't mention exactly what position Hagen will coach, he did inform Paulus that it will be on the offense.

"[Davis] just mentioned that [Hagen] coached on the offensive side of the ball," said Paulus. "[Hagen] coached tight ends when he was with the [Cleveland] Browns. [Davis] just said [Hagen] was a real nice guy and he's been friends with him for a real long time. [Davis] just wanted me to meet with [Hagen] and for me to see for myself what kind of person he was."

Before ending their phone conversation, Davis and Paulus continued their discussion of Paulus' official visit date.

"I have to talk to Coach [Dave] Brock and Coach Davis a little bit more, but January 19th is pretty much likely the date that I'm going to come down for [an official visit]," said Paulus. "That's probably going to be [the date], but there's no 100-percent guarantee on it."

Brock, Paulus' primary recruiter at UNC, and Davis keep the communication line constantly open with Paulus.

"I talk to Coach Brock every day – we text each other and call each other," said Paulus. "I talk to Coach Davis every couple of days. They're definitely keeping me informed on what's going on."

Paulus, a 6-foot-5 210-pound quarterback, verbally committed to North Carolina in April, wavered slightly after John Bunting's dismissal, and then solidified his pledge after Davis was hired.

As a senior, Paulus led Christian Brothers Academy to a 7-1 record as he competed 58.8-percent of his passes for 2,304 yards, 29 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions.

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