Davis Reaffirms UNC Commitment

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina 2007 football commitment Emanuel Davis of Manteo (N.C.) reaffirmed his commitment to the Tar Heels on Saturday, and he said he's been told by the UNC coaching staff that his scholarship offer is still intact. Read and listen to the senior's emotional comments following the Redskins' 28-7 loss to Elkin in the 2006 NCHSAA 1A championship from Kenan Stadium.

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    What were they doing out there that made things difficult for you?

    It really wasn't anything special. They knew what to do. We came in at halftime and tried to get everything changed up, but they've just been here a lot more times than we have and they knew how to handle it.

    Speak about your emotions right now, not only for this game but finishing your high school career.

    It's hard. It's real hard. I played with these guys, and I grew up with these guys. I'm probably one of the few that can go on and play college football, but it will be nothing like playing with the one's you grew up.

    On the upcoming Shrine Bowl -

    Yeah, that's the next thing I'll do. I'll practice with Coach [Walt] Davis, work on some defensive backs drills and try to get better.

    What is the status of your UNC football commitment right now?

    Everything is still the same. Nothing has changed. UNC-Chapel Hill is where I want to play football.

    Have you met Coach [Butch] Davis yet?

    No, I couldn't speak to him before the game, but I'm going to talk with him afterwards.

    What have the UNC coaches told you to work on between now and next year?

    Just being a leader, working on my game, going out and practicing everyday and getting better, and that's what I'm going to do.

    Do you plan on playing defense at the next level?

    Yes, sir.

    Is that what you prefer?

    Anything to get on the field.

    What were your thoughts when you heard about the UNC football coaching change?

    I just wanted to get to know everybody and talk to the individual coaches. I'm still real excited about playing football here.

    Do you expect to take any official visits other than to North Carolina?

    North Carolina, ECU, maybe State, I'm not sure yet. I'm just trying to get over this game, and I'll worry about all that later.

    What does it mean to be able to say you were able to play for a state title?

    It's good and it's always something I'll remember. Times like these – coming to play in a big stadium – are things you remember being a high school kid. It's tough losing, at least my teammates and I got here, and that's the best thing.

    What did you think about being able to play for the first time at Kenan Stadium?

    It's nice. It was real nice. I enjoyed just walking in and looking at the blue and white. We came here last night and walked around. It felt good to walk around here.

    What do you hope to get out of your meeting with Coach Davis?

    Just getting to know him and getting to talk to him. Letting him get to know about me and showing my face to him.

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