Class of 2003 - LaBrose Hedgemon

<b>LaBrose Hedgemon</b> out of Hoover (AL) High School is one of the best cornerbacks in the state of Alabama. Weighing in a 180 lbs. on a 5'10" frame, "Spiderman" has a vertical jump of 36.6" and runs the 40-yard dash in 4.43 seconds...

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LaBrose Hedgemon out of Hoover (AL) High School is one of the best cornerbacks in the state of Alabama. Hedgeman has been receiving attention from quite a number of colleges and universities with abilities that have earned him the nick-name "Spiderman." Inside Carolina managed to tangle Spiderman with a web of questions after a recent football practice.

Max Bench:
Reps @ 185 lbs:
Max Squat:
400 Ranking :

Offers: Arkansas, Auburn, Clemson, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana State, Mississippi, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Oregon State, Southern Mississippi and West Virginia.

Favorites: Auburn, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Louisiana State and North Carolina.

Others Recruiting: Tennessee and others

Inside Carolina: Thanks for talking with us Labrose. How many offers do you have now?
Labrose Hedgeman: I have about 14 offers.

IC: Do you have five favorites?
Hedgeman: My top 5 in no particular order are North Carolina, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Clemson, and Louisiana State

IC: North Carolina had led before. Have they slipped back a bit in your mind?
Hedgeman: No sir, not really. I am preparing for the season and not really thinking about recruiting and I just decided to make everyone equal for now.

IC: Have you scheduled any official visits yet?
Hedgeman: Not yet, but I am planning too. Carolina will get one though.

IC: How is your team looking this year?
Hedgeman: We're looking good. We're going to the state playoffs this year. We are going to win it all.

IC: Can I quote you on that?
Hedgeman: Yes sir!

IC: Have you talked to Danny Rumley lately?
Hedgeman: He's my boy. I talked to him yesterday.

IC: What did he have to say?
Hedgeman: That he had just finished up two-a-days. He said practice was pretty hard this fall.

IC: Did he think he would play this fall?
Hedgeman: He said he thought that he had a good chance to play some. He is in the rotation at receiver.

IC: Thanks again for spending time with us. See you next month Spiderman.

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