Gordon Returns from N.C. Trip

Shelly Gordon knew her son was a great basketball player, but she didn't know he was this good. Her perspective changed this past weekend. Sitting in front of Mike Krzyzewski and Roy Williams, she realized her son was a first-rate recruit.

"Well, I guess you kind of try to push it away and try to say ‘Oh, whatever' and not listen to some of it," she said. "But when you listen to these guys that really have a lot of credibility talk about how cool college can be for him and what a neat experience it's going to be. It really is pretty exciting."

"Everybody is very excited for him and excited that he's just a junior and big and athletic," Gordon's mothers said. "Everybody is painting a very bright picture of him. I wasn't even buying into it until those guys were saying such neat things about him."

Shelly accompanied Drew to the state of North Carolina and, according to her, the trip was quite a success.

"I'm so glad we went. It was the most action packed 48 hours I've ever had. Every single minute was something new and something good. I'm really glad we went."

Their trip to the East Coast began by meeting with the Duke coaches and players before watching them take on George Mason. After another meeting with Duke's coaching staff, they drove a few miles over to Chapel Hill.

"Then we went over to [UNC] and went to the North Carolina game and it was fun because the North Carolina game was Roy Williams 500th win so there were all sorts of really important basketball people there. So we got to meet with all kinds of folks."

North Carolina and Duke present much different atmospheres and the Gordon family was impressed with each.

"It's so cool to go to that Cameron Stadium and see all of those kids screaming their heads off. And then you go to North Carolina and even at a game where it wasn't a big competitor there were 22,000 people there."

While watching the games were among the highlights of the trip, so was getting to know the head coaches.

"Talk about two amazing people. I just think it would be one of the hardest decisions to try and decide between the two of those people. They are distinctly different people, but both of them are down to earth and genuinely really honest.

"They kind of described their vision for Drew. It was really eye opening and it was really exciting. We really had a lot to think about on the way home."

While Gordon has yet to give out a top five or even a cut-down list of schools. North Carolina, Duke, California and Washington seem to be among the tops schools as he's recently taken unofficials to each.

Gordon said last week that he wouldn't make a college decision until the end of this school year.

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