UNC-UNCA: Roy Williams Quotes (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina coach Roy Williams spoke to reporters following the Tar Heels' 93-62 triumph over UNC-Asheville on Saturday at the Smith Center. Read and listen to what he had to say.

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Opening remarks -

If you take out the last eight minutes of the first half I was very pleased with how we tried defensively. The last eight minutes of the first half we didn't do a good job of getting back and get picked up. They got some run outs and made some good plays. Other than that stretch, I thought we were much better defensively, much more attentive, and got out in the lanes and did the things that we wanted to do defensively. We had two practices this week, both of them about two hours. We worked almost exclusively on defense so this week I guess we're going to have four-hour practices because we're going to work two hours on defense and two hours on offense because we stunk it up on the offensive end. I think we missed the last six shots of the game, or the last seven shots of the game, but it wasn't just those guys. We're not sharp offensively and I halfway expected that because of the fact that we haven't worked on it. It just means we have to go to practice and do a better job. Again, the second half we didn't have a stretch where we failed to get back on the defensive end so it was difficult for them to score. We were bigger and we were active defensively in the second half to hold them to 23 percent. We've got some work to do offensively, stop everybody trying to go on their own. We've got to continue doing it within a team concept. Evidently there's something else in the Constitution that I didn't realize and that is if you get an offensive rebound it's your right to shoot it regardless if you've got 88 people in front of you. I'm going to go back in my history book and check the Constitution tonight to see if it's really in there and I just didn't know about it. If I couldn't laugh I'd be throwing things and tearing things.

On forcing back-t0-back shot clock violations -

I think that we can be good defensively, I really do. I think we're going to get there. I'm going to have no hair, not gray hair, or they're going to look like distance runners. That was very encouraging to me. I think that was very encouraging to the guys. When you get someone to have two shot clock violations, that's the kind of defense you want to play. Their goal was to try to run some clock. I'm not saying they were trying to spread and hold it, but I didn't think they wanted to shoot quickly and for us to play defense the whole 35 seconds. Again, you take out that last eight minutes where we didn't get back and pick up we were pretty active defensively.

On the balanced scoring -

For 19 years as a head coach that's always been important to me. The rest of my time I think it's just extremely difficult to play it when it's not just one guy that you have to guard. We have to do a better job offensively of not trying to go on your own. We're gifted. We don't have bad kids, they're not selfish, they just say well we have to score, I can score. The bottom line has to be we can score.

On Bobby Frasor -

I would probably say, unless something weird happens, he will not play Tuesday night. We'll take a look again at it at the end of the week. He's getting better. It's given Wes [Miller] some more time at the point guard, I'm probably throwing too much on that youngster. He can really shoot the basketball. I'm adding that pressure of running the club to him. If Wes Miller's my only worry I'm in good shape.

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