Roe to Return to Chapel Hill

Delvon Roe narrowed his list to five at the end of the summer. Now the 6-8, 220-pound power forward from Euclid (Ohio) St. Edward is trying to find his perfect fit by evaluating each school – and he'll be back in Chapel Hill next week.

"I'm just watching every school when I have a chance on TV and watching their highlights on SportsCenter," Roe said Sunday night. "I'm just trying to keep an eye on every school and the way they're playing this year."

Roe's list consists of North Carolina, Michigan, Michigan State, Kansas and Ohio State. Since the season began he's been evaluating all five trying to determine which school suits him best.

"They have all played well," he said. "Michigan State when they were playing at the Garden especially when they played Texas they played well. I watched Ohio State and North Carolina. That was probably the greatest college basketball game I've ever seen."

Roe will soon get a chance to practice at the site of the OSU- UNC battle. St. Edward will participate in the Beach Ball Classic, and on the way to Myrtle Beach they'll stop and practice in the Dean E. Smith Center.

"I don't even know how it happened," Roe explained. "Coach just told us that we were going to practice down there.

"We should get down there on the 26th around 4:30 in the morning and I think around 12 o'clock we are going to stop and practice there. Then keep on going because we don't play until the 27th."

Last year's Beach Ball Classic served as Roe's coming out party, but his team didn't fare as well as he'd hoped. Roe thinks this year will be different.

"I can't wait. It's going to be a challenge for us. Last year we went down there and we went 2-2. We just want to go down and show teams and show coaches that we're for real this season and we want to put ourselves on the national map."

Led by Roe's 29 points, 10 rebounds, 4 blocks and 5 assists per game, St. Edward is undefeated thus far, and their opponents have included some top competition. The UNC staff was in attendance on Friday night.

"I've been playing pretty well," he said. "Our team is doing well we're 2-0 and we beat two of the top teams in the state by 20-plus points both times. My first game I had 30 points and my second game I had 28 points."

Roe and St. Edward have two home games this weekend before heading to Beach Ball where they'll play Father Henry Carr (Canada) in the opening round.

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