Shrine Bowl Video: Tydreke Powell

Tydreke Powell was nearly unstoppable throughout the week of practices despite double-teams, and the same was evident on game day at the Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas. Here are some of his highlights that demonstrate his ability to disrupt the line ...

Tydreke Powell Profile

DT #99 Tydreke Powell Shrine Bowl Video -

Player Evaluation: Tydreke Powell was the top overall prospect for the North Carolina team throughout the week. Easily 6-2 and possibly 6-3, he looks shorter than that because he has simply a very wide body. Looks to be much larger than he was earlier in the year and could be over 300 pounds at this point. Two-gap player that can be a three technique but probably better over the center in the hole. Very thick lower body, can take on tandem blocks well and able to shoot through the gaps on stunts. Lower body leg strength is obviously a major contributor to his abilities, but quick hands help him in the middle.

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