UNC-FAU: Locker Room Quotes (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- After an easy win over Florida Atlantic on Tuesday night at the Smith Center, the players spoke with the media ...

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On his breakaway dunk -

"I just wanted to prove a point to the team because everybody has been saying I can't dunk. So I had a fast break opportunity and decided to throw it down."

On the offensive execution -

"It was because everybody was moving the ball and getting everyone involved and setting screens for each other - that's why we scored so efficiently."



What was Coach Williams stressing to you after you were up by so much?

"He wanted us to come down and work on our zone defense - we stepped back into a point zone and we worked on that. That's what he was stressing most in the second half."

Was it hard to stay motivated at that point?

"Not really, because we had so much intensity. We were just out there having fun, so it really wasn't hard to stay in the game. When you're having fun, the game goes easily."



On Lawson's play of late -

"It's great. That's an advantage we need because there aren't too many guards that can match his speed and quickness. When he pushes the ball and takes it to the hole, it makes things easier for us."

Did Coach Williams have anything critical to say at halftime?

"We had some turnovers, some careless turnovers at that. That's all we really talked about and just keeping our intensity."



Was there anything in particular you wanted to work on tonight?

"Before the game Coach really stressed defense, so that was on our minds throughout the whole game. And we just took it out to the game and I think we improved defensively tonight."

On playing a "home" game on Friday at St. Louis -

"I'm really excited - I've talked to pretty much all my friends and they're all going. And it's great to go back home and play near my hometown. A lot of people from my hometown who grew up watching me will get a chance to see me, so it'll be great."

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