Roy Williams PC Quotes (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina coach Roy Williams met with the media on Thursday prior to the Tar Heels departure for St. Louis. Read and listen to what he had to say from the Smith Center press room.

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What did you see from Marcus Ginyard in high school that prompted you to say he was the most ready freshman defensively you'd ever coached? And how has he progressed?

"He has the physical capabilities, being able to slide his feet, he's strong, got good hands, wonderful coaching, those kinds of things ... so I knew we were getting a guy who had the physical skills and tools for defense, but also understood what it took to play on the defensive side of the floor."

You've talked about Tyler [Hansbrough]'s tunnel vision, is that a concern?

"Understand that sometimes Tyler's tunnel vision is really good. I want him to shoot that sucker, too. 'There's a guy he shoots 48 percent, there's a guy I could throw it too who's shooting 51 percent -- I better shoot this sucker myself.' I like that a lot. When I was talking about that, I was talking about how he tends to focus on that goal and not realize there are other people open. So it's not a negative all the time. As I've said, I like for him to shoot most times against two people. But he has a tremendous ability to focus. I expect that he'll handle it better than anybody I've ever been around ... "

What did the team learn from the loss at Southern Cal this time last year that they can take with them into the game tomorrow night?

"We will point out that last year there were distractions that got to us and we weren't mentally prepared to play the game. Hopefully the guys involved won't let it happen again. There's no way I can prepare the freshmen for a true road game, they just have to experience it. I've always tried to help my team's confidence by playing on the road. I like playing on the road. I like playing at somebody else's place and playing well and quieting the crowd down. Hopefully we'll give them a little confidence talking about it. But you can't simulate it."

What has Tywon [Lawson] done best the last couple of weeks? He's seemed to grow a bit ...

"I think he's seeing the big picture much, much better - not just focused on what he's doing and how he's doing, but more importantly how it affects what everyone else is doing. He's just more comfortable with practice, terminology and his assignments. The extra minutes have been good for him. A lot of times I would say something and get a blank stare and I don't get that anymore because he understands what we're talking about so much more."

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