Tyler Hansbrough Q&A (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina sophomore Tyler Hansbrough met with the media on Thursday prior to the Tar Heels departure for St. Louis and his "Homecoming Game." Read and listen to what he had to say from the Smith Center press room.

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Talk about going home and what this game means to you -

"Yeah, I've thought about it a lot. I thought about it before the season even started. It's one of those games I've really been looking forward to. A lot of people from my hometown have been talking about it and are making the drive. ... It's just a special game for me and one of those games where I'll have to concentrate on the game instead of outside things."

Will you be concerned about putting too much pressure on yourself to have a great game?

"Yeah, I do feel a little pressure. It'd be a disappointment to me personally if I went down and played badly in front of everybody. But that's the thing about my friends - they're my friends not because I'm a basketball player. But I still feel it would be disappointing if I didn't have the game I'd like to have."

What differences from defenses have you seen so far this year?

"When you get that type of hype, you have a target on your back and everybody wants to play really aggressive and their hardest against you. So you always know you're getting their best. At the same time, it's a good thing for me because I'm always ready ... but I would say last year was making myself known and this year everybody knows who I am, they've seen me play and know what defense they want to play [against me]."

What did you learn from your matchup against Randolph Morris in the Kentucky game?

"They played zone, too, it wasn't just a straight man-to-man and they had double teams and things like that. So it wasn't just one guy playing against from. It was different from the Gonzaga game because we won, it wasn't that I had a bad game and we lost. I'll take me having a bad game and us winning any day."

What's it like not having to be "The Man" all the time for this team this year?

"It's different and with a lot more scorers and players on the team I can play more aggressive and not worry as much about foul trouble."

Are you having more fun or was it more fun being the guy the team went to every time?

"I enjoy both. This year is incredibly fun and I'm enjoying it."

You're pretty close to Bobby [Frasor] - how's he taking this injury and being out for a stretch?

"Yeah, Bobby is pretty upset about it, but he's continuing to work out and he'll be ready to play when he comes back."

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