Austin Meets with Davis

Marvin Austin and Butch Davis upgraded their conversations from the telephone to an in-person meeting last week.

"I met him at an undisclosed location," said Austin. "It was cool, though.

"[He seems like] a straightforward guy. He coached in the [National Football] League, so I know his track record. He seemed like a cool person to meet.

"[He talked about] mostly the same things all the other recruiters from the other schools talked about. He showed me what North Carolina had to offer me, why he took the job."

Austin, a 6-foot-2 300-pound defensive tackle from Washington (D.C.) Ballou, said the meeting improved North Carolina's chances.

"I like them a little more now that I got a foundation on what they're trying to do," said Austin.

Additionally, the recent addition of John Blake to North Carolina's staff is working in the Tar Heels' favor.

"I talked to [Blake] early [Thursday]," said Austin. "[He discussed] the same things Coach Davis talked about. We talked a little bit about his background. He seemed like a real cool guy."

After the holidays, Austin will round out the reminder of his campus visits with an official visit to Florida State on January 20th. With only one official visit slot remaining, Austin hopes to somehow work in visits to both UNC and Maryland.

"Right now, I still don't know [the dates] yet," said Austin. "Hopefully, I can still take my visit to Maryland, but unless things interfere I'll be talking my visit to Maryland. Right now, everything's looking good. I'm just playing it by ear, right now."

Despite a recent local TV report that suggested the Tar Heels were a close second to Florida State, Austin said he has no leader at this point. He has already taken official visits to Southern Cal, Illinois, and Tennessee.

A five-star recruit, Austin is ranked as the top senior prospect in the nation by

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