UNC-RU: Roy Williams Quotes (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina coach Roy Williams spoke to reporters following No. 2 North Carolina's 87-48 win over Rutgers Thursday at the Smith Center. Read and listen to what he had to say…

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Opening remarks -

"I know I've been saying this for the rest of my life, especially recently, think we need to improve defensively. In the first half, they were 8-for-28 and I think we had 9 turnovers or 8 turnovers. I thought we did a nice job, the only thing is we did not come up with the loose balls and I think there were several times where there were loose balls and they came up with them. One time Reyshawn [Terry] let it go out of bounds thinking it was our ball and he should've taken it and don't let the referee make a decision because sometimes they make mistakes. If you grab it then you don't have to put it in their hands.

I was pleased with our defense. In the first half if we came up with the loose balls, if we had not allowed them second shot opportunities, but those we were being very picky probably and then in the second half, I liked what we did offensively too because we're not selfish and we try to go on and we move the ball well. Wayne [Ellington] made three big three's in a row, and that was huge for us and Wes [Miller] made a big three and that opened that up a little bit and a lot of the things behind the scenes were really good.

I challenged Brandon [Wright], told him in the huddle that they were freshman and they were taking it to the basket and dunking it and after that, he came back in the next time and he was really impressive to say the least. I'll tell you something else, Wayne [Ellington] made three straight three's, but he had been in the entire half and it got inside the 14 minute mark and Marcus [Ginyard] had not been in the game so usually when the guy gets a hot hand I have him stay in there, but same time everyone sees what Marcus [Ginyard] does and knows that deserves to play as well so I put Marcus [Ginyard] in, took Wayne [Ellington] and I said to him, ‘You have to understand normally I would leave you in there, but Marcus has been sitting here for six minutes and you have played for six straight minutes and its been hard work on the defensive end and I need to get him there, just have faith that when you go back out you will get more opportunities,' and so when I went down the line to get him, I held out to shake his hand and I said, `Yeah the hand is still warm.' He went in and missed the first one, but then the second one went in and having that kind of attitude about it is Marcus [Ginyard] and Wayne [Ellington] is something that's important and Brandan [Wright] being able to step up and Reyshawn [Terry] struggle a bit with the five turnovers, but at the same time he didn't put his head down and Danny [Green] did some good things and had good moments again to build on what he did in St. Louis.

Ty Lawson with 9 assists and zero turnovers is impressive, but there's a lot of stuff to be happy about and congratulated them I thought we did some very nice things against a team that was trying to control the tempo and run-down the shot clock so its not easy to try to defend that, but yet, to be honest that they and the one game suspension and those two, I think their team would have been much better without them and its hard to go on the road and play at Carolina without two of your starters."

On the team's assists -

"I knew it was better in the second half. We talked in the first half, Wayne [Ellington] had two turnovers, Reyshawn [Terry] had one when they just tried to go on their own, instead of us moving the ball and I don't think we had any of those possessions in the second half."

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