UNC-UD: Roy Williams Quotes (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina coach Roy Williams addressed the media Sunday following the Tar Heels' 81-51 win over Dayton. Read and listen to what he had to say after the game at the Smith Center...

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Opening remarks -

I felt that defensively in the first half we were really good. Offensively, if we hadn't had the turnovers, I would have really enjoyed that part of the floor also. I think we were careless with the basketball a couple times. When you have 21 turnovers you can't say it just your play, you have to give Dayton some credit. Their defense inside was very difficult for us. We had two or three offensive fouls on our post players because they were trying to do a good job of fighting around. Give [Dayton] credit for part of it, and we've got to do a better job ourselves and not turn the basketball over as much, but defensively again, I liked what we did. You know, the [Brian] Roberts kid is a little bit of a load for them, a load for the team that he's playing against. We really tried to cut down his percentage and tried to get a hand up every time he shot it. The big guys did a nice job of helping when he did penetrate past our perimeter guys. You know [Marcus] Johnson and [Monty] Scott making shots, we didn't want any of that. Again, I'll go back. I feel real good about what we did defensively. I'd like to have four or five guys in double figures, but again it was a low possession game because they were trying, not to hold it or anything, but they wanted a lower possession game. There's no question about that. Really I was pretty doggone pleased with most of the stuff that we did. You love to look down there and see Ty [Lawson] seven to one assist-turnover ratio and Danny [Green] seven to one assist-turnover ratio. You still don't like to add up to 21 turnovers, but we felt like we did some good things, and did some good things against a pretty good basketball team. We felt good going in, that we would have to really play, that if we didn't really play it could be a long day for us.

Did Wes Miller play more minutes tonight?

When Ty [Lawson] went down on that lay up attempt he landed right on his tail. That was bothering him at the end. That's the reason I believe I sat him down with seven or eight minutes to go because he was struggling with it. I was just happy it wasn't his hand because his tail has a good bit of padding down there. That was the most part of it.

On the defensive improvement and the freshmen learning -

I think practice. They're working really hard in practice. They're starting to take more pride in what they're doing defensively. Each and every day they're understanding more what the defensive end of the floor can mean for them. Again, we weren't very sharp offensively, now again give Dayton's defense credit for some of that, but when you hold a team to 21 percent in the first half you know that you're going to be OK regardless of what you're doing on offense and the offensive end. I think the practice time that we've been able to have and their attitude and their understanding and the experience of going through it a little bit more and understanding how capable the teams are that we're playing. I think all of it is involved, but experience and practice and just understanding how important it is is the biggest thing.

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