UNC-UD: Locker Room Report (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina players Brandan Wright, Danny Green and Marcus Ginyard shared their thoughts with the media following the game. Read and listen to what they had to say.

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Our team played well. First half we started out kind of slow, but we picked it up a notch. The intensity was great, everything was great. The only thing we had (go wrong) was a lot of turnovers.

A couple of weeks ago we had one practice totally devoted to defense. Since then we've really been turning it up. It makes it easy for us not to go out there and have to score 100 points a game.

It was pretty congested in the paint. It was like that all night, but Tyler [Hansbrough] and I played well down in the post.



They played physical, but for the most part we handled it pretty well. I wouldn't say they were the most physical team we've played this year.

Coach [Williams] has made us focus on defense. One day he didn't think we played good defense at all, and the next couple of practices that's all we worked on. We have to play defense well for us to be successful.

I though we played pretty well. There were some spots when we were sloppy. On defense we played well. We had some easy shots that we missed, but overall I think we played really well.



[Playing point guard] is something I've been helping fill in at. Coach has confidence in me. He's seen me play in high school and in a couple of practices and during the game today. It's something that could be a possibility. I'm comfortable with that.

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