UNC-UD: Brian Gregory Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Read some of the comments by Dayton head coach Brian Gregory following the Tar Heels' 81-51 win over the Flyers on Sunday at the Smith Center.

Opening remarks -

We knew what a challenge it was going to be to coming in here. As I said, you are playing a team that is capable of winning the National Championship there's no doubt about it. They're deep enough, they're athletic enough, they're big enough, they have good guard play, the one thing I think that goes unnoticed is their unselfishness. When you look at a guy like Reyshawn Terry, he probably could be scoring 18 or 20 points from any place, but he gives his complete individual stats up for the team, he does all the things they need to do like get seven defensive rebounds, and three assists, and he is a senior and that's why they are so good. Going into the game, I knew one of things we wanted to make sure we did was really compete and play hard and I think we did that. Sometimes you get bogged down or caught up in the fact that you're not making any shots and we had some good shots in the first half, we just did not knock them down. Maybe a good shot that looks like a good shot is a little different against anyone else because maybe they're two or three inches closer and challenged a little more. I was proud with our guys over the last couple of weeks in terms of their fight and when you play a team like this you got to fight for forty minutes and you cannot let up and that's what ends up happening. They just kind of end up wearing you down both mentally and physically. I am pleased where we are at 10-3 heading into the Atlantic 10. We played two teams in the last week that could very easily be the Final Four National Championship type team. Now we got to move ahead.

On Carolina defense -

Its difficult. They really push up and so forth and you have to have two or three very good ball handlers in there at any one time because the one thing you can possibly do is stretch them and then drive them, but then they are so long inside. What they do is they force you to make a basketball play every single possession. Unfortunately this day and age they are not a lot of guys who could do that all the time and maybe a couple of them are playing on their team. The one thing I noticed is they forced us into 21 turnovers and we forced them into 21 turnovers too, so ours isn't half bad either. The thing that we need to get better at is some of the physical play because you got to be able to take a bump and still make some shots against this team. I mean they are not fouls that's the way the game is supposed to be played, I would rather have it more like a wrestling match than you cannot touch anybody and they're becoming a much more physical team and that will only benefit them.

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