UNC-Penn: Locker Room Report (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina players Bobby Frasor, Marcus Ginyard, Ty Lawson, Wayne Ellington and Tyler Hansbrough spoke to reporters after Wednesday's game at the Smith Center. Read and listen to what they had to say….

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On how it felt to play after being injured -

Felt good. I haven't played in a month and in a game like that. It felt good out there, I didn't feel nervous or anything it just came easy to me and it felt good out there.

On his foot injury and it current status -

It's feeling better. The doctors say it is healing so I can finally get back to playing a game. I was excited, it felt good to be back out there.

On what caused the foot injury and what was the actual diagnosis -

They first told me that it was stress reaction and that it could break, it was Sean May had so they wanted to be careful with me. Then they told me it was healing so I got happy again and I practiced and then it was sore again. Then they were talking about surgery so I have been up and down, but I have gotten MRI and a CAT scan, everything and they tell me it's healing for sure so I can just be careful with it.



On defensive pressure -

We didn't start off the game the way we needed to defensively. One of our keys of this game was to push them out of their offense, force them to go back door. The rest of everything we tried to do with every game is to take them out of their offense and make them do something that there are not comfortable doing. So once we started getting our pressure up we made them really uncomfortable and then we started getting steals and fastbreak points and things like that.

On the five man substitution -

Coach Williams is obviously known now for that five man substitution when effort plays aren't being made and we are just not giving that effort out there. The five that got subbed in, we knew what we had to do, we knew we had to raise the intensity level. The guys that got taken out understood that they had to pick it up.



It was good to have ‘Q' [Quentin Thomas] and Bobby back out there.

How much is your wrist bothering you?

It bothered me a lot. It's kind of hard to pass and things like that, but I'm going to get through it.

How fun is it to play in a game like this one?

It's real fun when you play hard on defense and everybody's scoring on offense. When Reyshawn [Terry] dunks on somebody, everybody gets excited.



On getting him open looks -

That's not something we really focus on coming into the game, but it kind of showed late in the first half and early in the second. We just play our offense and do what we do, and that kind of opens things up for everybody else.

On being disciplined defensively against a team like Penn -

It's especially tough for us because we like to get up into the passing lanes and deny. So every time we deny and they back door, we've got to get back and go with them.

Did you feel good about your offense tonight?

Yeah. Anytime the team scores over 100 points and everybody is contributing, that's good for us.



Are you going to talk to the younger guys about entering ACC play?

No, I'm not going to say anything to them. I think Coach [Roy Williams] will do enough of that. It comes with experience. I don't it's anything I can walk up to them and say. They have to learn for themselves.

Was there a play tonight where you thought, ‘Bobby is back?'

Yeah, when he hit that high arching shot in the first half, that was a really good indication that he is coming back.

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