UNC-FSU: Locker Room Report

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina players Brandan Wright, Ty Lawson, Bobby Frasor and Tyler Hansbrough spoke to reporters after the game.


On his second half performance -

"[I didn't change] anything in particular. In the second half things were just going well for me. I think it was a combination of my teammates getting me the ball and getting me good looks, and I think I posted up well sometimes. My teammates just got me the ball."

On facing double teams -

"Sometimes it's difficult, but other times we have shooters out. So either way. Sometimes I feel I can beat it, but sometimes I feel more comfortable passing it out."

On some of his highlight reel dunks -

"I don't know. I just saw an open gap, and I just took it to the hole."

Talk about your one-handed dunk in the second half.

"I just saw him go up, and I saw the ball rattling around. So I went up to get the rebound and it came off just perfect. [Smiles] I was a little excited at that moment, because it was a big basket for me."


On the team's improved shot selection in the second half -

"We hit on it at halftime. We know what to do, get the ball inside. That's the strength of our team."

Can you talk about this game as a barometer for where the team is?

"It was a great win for us. First off, you have to protect your home court in the ACC. A lot of home teams lost yesterday in the ACC, and we didn't want to be one of those types of teams. We just wanted to play hard, get the job done. It was a great win, especially against a good team like that. You're always pleased, especially when you get a win against a good team. They've beaten some good teams this year. But we have a long way to go. It's a long season. One down, still 15 to go."

Did you wear them out toward the end?

"Definitely. They only went eight deep, and we went about twelve or thirteen deep. That's really going to help us out, guys coming in with fresh legs. They were tired players. We saw a definite change in the middle of the second half."

Does it mean anything if the team is ranked #1 tomorrow?

"Yeah, it's an honor. But it means we have to step up and play harder, because people will be gunning for us. Virginia will definitely be ready. They lost today, but they've already beaten Gonzaga and Arizona at home. So it's going to be a great atmosphere."


On Quentin Thomas's improved play -

"He did a real great job. He came in, the crowd got hyped. What'd he have five, six assists? Four? Something like that? No turnovers? I mean, he did a real good job running the offense, playing 'D' also. And he took a charge, got a couple of steals. He's playing real well."

Is it hard to find a weakness right now in your team's play?

"It is kind of hard. Sometimes we slack on defense, but that's probably the only weakness. Other than that, we've got shooters, drivers, everything. So right now it's kind of hard. We're a tough team. We've got a lot of weapons. on the team to make us better--Tyler, Brandan, me, Wayne, Reyshawn. And then we've got people coming off the bench and we're not losing a beat. So it's tough to play with us. Plus we're running everybody."


On his continued recovery from his foot injury -

"It's not worrying me at all. It's not bothering me at all."

On the minutes he's playing as he comes back -

"Maybe [Coach Williams] has a plan, but he hasn't mentioned it to me. Hopefully the minutes will gradually go up."

Can you talk about this win as a barometer for where the team is right now?

"It shows we can compete with any team in the ACC. We're going to be that best team in the ACC that teams are looking to knock off. We've got a target on our backs. This was a good win for us. They're going to be good. So hopefully we can just keeping going from here."

What does the team have to do to get better?

"In the first half, I don't think we competed. We competed much better in the second half. I think they shot like 20% or something really low in the second half. If we do that for a complete game, we're really going to punish some teams."

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