Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On 11 straight wins and now being ranked No. 1 –

"It gets me excited, but if we're there 12 weeks from now I'll be a heck of a lot more excited. It is a lot fun, and we've accomplished some things now, but I don't get too fired up about it because I realize how early it is. We've got a lot of things we want to accomplish, we've done okay so far and we want to keep that attitude and try to stay as hungry as we can."

On the win over FSU -

"Yesterday in the second half – and I always find things to pick on – in the second half we were pretty doggone good. We didn't force the turnovers, which I thought we'd be able to … but they shoot 29% and we shoot 50-something in the second half and it's a fun time to sit there. It was a lot more fun watching it on tape, though, than it was sitting there yesterday. … In the first half we shot too quickly – I think the excitement of the first ACC game was part of it. Wayne rushed his shots. … We want to play at a fast tempo, but we want to get a great shot at the end of that fast tempo."

On the play of Quentin Thomas -

"He is playing better – he's a youngster that works really hard and has been fighting the injury bug basically since he got here. Right now he's starting to feel better, we're still being cautious with his foot. He's had some good moments in the last two games and we need him to keep doing that. ... He had productive minutes and Bobby did, too. I felt good about both of them, particularly since Ty isn't 100 percent right now."

On Bobby Frasor's playing time -

"We are limiting Q and Bobby both, even though Bobby's minutes were more limited last night because he was sick. When we came to practice on Saturday he'd been up all night throwing up. Saturday he did not practice at all. That was more the reason we limited his minutes last night."

On Marcus Ginyard and comparisons to Jackie Manuel –

"… We do need perimeter guys to give us help, particularly on the offensive boards and he does a good job of that. As a staff, when we put Marcus in, we always feel like he's going to come up with a steal, loose ball, offensive rebound, block. When you start comparing someone to Jackie Manuel, that's close to my heart because Jackie was so important to us for those types of things during the 2005 team. But Marcus is doing some good things."

On recruiting the class of 2007, next year's freshman class –

"Discussing the [recruiting class] for next year is real easy because we're not going to have anyone come in as a freshman next year. We only had one scholarship and we held that scholarship for Kevin Love, a youngster out on the West Coast that I just loved to death. He throws the best outlet pass I've ever seen in high school basketball and the only one who ever came close was Wes Unseld. It was a hard process, we recruited Kevin for nearly a year and a half – quite a few trips to Portland and other various places to see him play. He narrowed it down to North Carolina and UCLA and decided to go to UCLA – his family is originally from California. Because of putting all the emphasis on him, and the fact that we only had one scholarship, we decided not to recruit anyone else from this class at this time. Now if someone calls and says ‘We have this guy who's a sleeper and is a great prospect,' we'd look into it, but right now the plan is to hold the scholarship for that following year. We're spending 99 percent of our time on the junior class. I'm trying to think, I don't think anyone on our staff has seen a senior play specifically [this year]. So we're holding the scholarship for this year's junior class."

"Roy Williams Live" airs Monday evenings on Tar Heel Sports Network affiliates.

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