Roberts Meets UNC's New OL Coach

Desmond Roberts decided to accept North Carolina's invitation to unofficially visit the campus for the Tar Heels' basketball game Sunday and to meet UNC's newly hired offensive line coach, Sam Pittman.

"I wanted to go ahead and meet the new coaches," said Roberts. "Butch Davis and the new [offensive] line coach have been calling me. They invited me to the game, so I thought it would be a good time to meet them instead of waiting until February for my official visit."

Sunday night's ACC bout against Florida State provided Roberts, a 6-foot-5 265-pound offensive lineman from Gaston (N.C.) Northampton-West, his first game time experiences in the Smith Center.

"It was the first time that I've been in there since I was small when I went to basketball camp," said Roberts. "It was a great experience. I didn't think it was that big. During the game, they went on a run and started scoring back-to-back, people just kept on clapping.

"It was nice to just walk on that court with all the great players that have played on that court like Michael Jordan, Jerry Stackhouse, and Vince Carter. It was a nice experience."

A good portion of Roberts' stay was spent with Pittman.

"He said he reviewed my film and everything," said Roberts. "He said he loved me on film. He said he's going to try to get to know me. We talked about my major. He told me where he's come from and the success he's had at different schools. He said he's going to try to get down here next week to meet my mom and everything like that."

Pittman succeeded in building the foundation for a relationship with Roberts.

"I liked him," said Roberts. "I believe he's a straight up guy – he tells it like it is. I don't like people that beat around the bush. That made me feel more comfortable around him. I know he's not going to say something to make me feel good, he's going to tell me what I need to hear."

While Roberts enjoyed his sampling of the student life and liked his position coach, one major obstacle might prevent him from ever becoming a Tar Heel – his desired major.

"It's a good school, but they don't have the things I want to major in," said Roberts. "I want to be an engineer. If I want to change it, I'll go into computer electronics.

"[Pittman] said he's going to check in to it to see what they offer as close as to what I want to do. He's going to let me know when he finds out."

Back in August, Roberts verbally committed to N.C. State over UNC and others. However, the Wolfpack's head coaching change has added uncertainty to his pledge.

"It's still what you call a soft commitment, because I haven't gotten a chance to talk to the new coaches and everything," said Roberts. "Until then, I can't really say officially [the status of my pledge]."

Roberts revealed that the interest from the Wolfpack hasn't decreased, but that the coaching staff is providing him some time to explore his options.

"They're still staying on me," said Roberts. "They're letting me know they're still interested in me a lot. They're letting me decide, they're not really forcing me to stay with them. They want me, but they're giving me my space."

Regardless of what happens this weekend during his official visit with N.C. State, Roberts confirmed that he will still take his official visits to Penn State (January 19th), Virginia Tech (January 26th), and UNC (February 2nd).

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