UNC-UVa: Roy Williams Quotes (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina coach Roy Williams addressed the media following the Tar Heels' 79-69 win over Virginia on Wednesday at the Smith Center. Read and listen to what he had to say...

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Opening Statement:

"It was the kind of game that the kids talked about themselves - as I heard them talking when we got in the locker room - I talk all the time, sometimes you just have to grind it out. It's not a pretty game. It's not a game where its everybody flying up and down the court making pretty passes and pirouettes. Sometimes its just get down and grind it out. I think that's what it was tonight and that's what the kids were saying when they got in the locker room. I think Virginia's a really good basketball team. They have had some huge wins this year - Arizona, Gonzaga, who beat us - so we knew it was going to be a very difficult game.

"We didn't shoot the ball particularly well but give their defense the credit when we're 19 of 39 in the paint and we didn't shoot the ball really, really well all year long. Our big guys - Brandan's (Wright) 66, 67, Tyler's 54, 55, whatever - but they didn't get the ball to go in the basket. Marcus missed two dead lay-ups himself. For us, we do need to shoot the ball well to be as good a team as we want to be. To be able to shoot 38 percent and still win the game - we felt good about it - it boils down to the backboards was the whole key. The backboards should be in our favor - we're bigger and probably have more bodies than they do.

"With Singletary and Reynolds they really put some pressure on you defensively cause they handle the ball so well and they are so gifted about getting into the lane and getting their own shot - gifted about getting in the lane and getting other people shots - that was difficult for us. Early in the second half, three straight possessions Reyshawn got all the way into the lane and got lay-ups for everybody. We were standing around a little bit at that point. Feel good about the win - there's no question about that. Don't like our free-throw percentage, don't like that we missed some shots we should make but, again, give Virginia credit because they guard you. No question about that. David said in the press after their trip to Puerto Rico, or wherever, was that they came back and focused on the defensive end. I didn't see any of those games so when I've seen them they have played well on the defensive end of the floor. Tonight every shot that we shot, I felt like they were getting a hand up and challenging that. That's what we want to do on the defensive end ourselves."

On the second half play:

"I think we got it out to ten or twelve a couple of times. One time they make two straight threes and take it back to four or five...I think Marcus (Ginyard) gave us a life, I think Deon Thompson gave us a lift... I said all year long our bench is going to be important to us and if you look down there we have 8 off the bench, 7 off the bench, 4 off the bench, 5 off the bench, and I would guess that it's more than what their team had."

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