UNC-UVa: Dave Leitao Quotes (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Virginia coach Dave Leitao spoke to reporters after the game. Read and listen to what he had to say...

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Opening statement:

"We got beat today for a number of reasons, but the first reason is obviously, and I said before the game, this is as well-balanced a team as we're probably going to face all year long or maybe even in the next few years. They successfully play 12, 13 guys, rotate them. I thought they kept coming at us with defensive energy that cost us. We talked a lot about transition defense and I thought we did a decent enough job at that. We can't give up as many points off the offensive backboards - we gave them 21 and then off turnovers. The game ended with us giving them 40 of their 79 off turnovers and offensive rebounds. Any chance you have at being successful is taken away when any one of those stats is as large as both of those were. So they took away any chance we had of winning."

On giving up the lead in the second half:

"Turned the ball over. Before that happened, we got some backdoors we were trying to get. We scored off them. As a result, what that does to teams, it softens them up so they won't protect against it. They took two steps out and dared you to keep doing it, and we didn't keep doing it. We just started putting our head down and going it resulted in a quicker shot than we needed or the consecutive turnovers. They turn turnovers into points as well as anybody you're ever going to see."

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