Davis-Shoop Quotes (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina football coach Butch Davis held a teleconference on Friday to introduce new UNC offensive coordinator John Shoop. Read and listen to what they had to say…

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UNC Coach Butch Davis' opening remarks -

I think he's an awesome hire for the coaching staff and our team at the University of North Carolina. John is going to do a terrific job. I have a great deal of respect for John. He's an extraordinarily smart, bright football coach. He's a great man. He's an outstanding father. He's going to bring a great deal to our coaching staff. I think he's really, truly going to help us in the future. He's highly respected in the national football league. He's one of the premier quarterback coaches and developers of quarterbacks.

Through the interview process, the times that we talked, it became extraordinarily apparent that John's grasp of how to construct an offense that maximizes and utilizes the athletes…I think that he's going to be exceptional for the current players and the one we've recruited in the future.

Offensive Coordinator

I couldn't be more excited. When you're in coaching, you try to find good situations wherever they are. When my family and I looked at it, we didn't think there was a better situation anywhere in the country than the one that presented itself here. Chapel Hill is the kind of place where we want to raise our family. This is where we want to live. There are first rate people through and through – from the bottom right through to the top. As a person, as a coach and as a recruiter, it has been personally attractive to me and my family.

Also, before we came, we did an awful lot of homework on the rest of his staff. Sam Pittman, Steve Hagen and Charlie [Williams] are as much as the part of the reason I want to be a part of this as well. From the place, to the facilities, to the reputation of the university, these are the primary reasons I'm so excited to be a part of what's happening here.

After so many years in the pros, what kind of adjustment is that like coming to coach college?

There are a number of things. Like I said, anytime you're in coaching, you try to look for good situations. And good situations can come at a lot of different levels – in the pros, college and even in high school. This is a really good situation. We're coming into a place that has an awful lot of resources. There is a leader in Coach Davis that knows how to utilize those resources. It's not lost on me that in six years at the University of Miami, Coach Davis recruited 28 first-rounders. When you couple that with the type of place that Chapel Hill is…I really want to be a part of that.

Part of the factor, too, is my family. My wife is an ordained Presbyterian minister. She's the pastor of a large church in Oakland. We're not going to change the Sabbath, that's always going to be on Sunday, and if we could find a good situation in coaching that would be on Saturday…Coach Davis and this place really offered that to us. That was a big factor in the decision to leave the NFL, because we could have stayed.

What's your vision for the offense?

I'm going to try and really evaluate the players that we have now and the players that are going to be here in the fall next season. The vision of the offense is, No. 1, what a quarterback does best, we're going to do. And, No. 2, whoever are our best players are, we're going to find ways to get them the ball. We're going to be a team that's committed to running the football when we think it's time to run it. We're going to be balanced, but balanced to me doesn't mean running the ball x-amount of times or throwing it x-amount of times, but it's being able run and throw the ball equally well and to do both and what's necessary to win the game. Some games you're going to win 45-40 and some games you're going to win 10-7, and it's going to be important that we know how to win those kinds of games – there's no doubt.

One thing I can promise you, with what our quarterback does best, and if we can find some superstar athletes, we're going to find ways to get them the ball. How we do that? We'll all find out here in the fall.

How long have you known Butch Davis, and do you have any stories about him?

I didn't formally meet Coach Davis until we arrived here on campus just this week. (Davis: That's right.) I was in Chicago and he was in Cleveland, but we've known of each other and I've certainly had a deep respect for Coach Davis for a long time. We've worked with some friends. Obviously Chuck Pagano was in Oakland when I was there, and there's that connection. Norv Turner is a close friend of mine as well. I actually went to Oakland initially to work for Norv Turner, and I couldn't have more respect for an offensive mind than I do with his. That might be a better question to direct to Coach Davis.

With so much time that you've spent in the NFL, how will you go out and prepare to recruit – something you haven't done in 12 years or so?

The interesting thing about the NFL nowadays, you do quite a bit of recruiting in the NFL. You're recruiting free agents and you're recruiting guys to stick with you're team. I've been recruiting a lot over the last 12 years. I think I've developed a knack for helping guys realize I can help you get better, I can show you ways I can get you the ball, and I can show you ways to maximize your skills.

Right now I'm studying my tail off to pass this exam that's you've got to go out and pass to recruit college guys. And I certainly realize there are going to be some differences. Some of the resources I have that are spectacular are, the head coach has been through it and recruited 28 first-rounders at the University of Miami in six years. We've also got John Blake, who is as good of a recruiter that's ever lived. So, I'm not going into this blind. I have done quite a lot of recruiting, but I certainly acknowledge the differences in recruiting NFL players in college.

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