UNC-VT: Roy Williams Quotes (w/audio)

BLACKSBURG, Va. --- North Carolina coach Roy Williams spoke to the reporters following the Tar Heels' 94-88 loss to Virginia Tech Saturday at Cassell Coliseum. Read and listen to what he had to say…

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Opening remarks -

"It's a great day for Virginia Tech basketball. They had a couple of great wins the last two Saturdays to say the least. They feel good about those seniors who have played so well for so long. (Zabian) Dowdell and (Jamon) Gordon are two fantastic guards, and Coleman Collins, who went through everything that he did last year. I thought (A.D.) Vassallo and (Nigel) Munson gave them big lifts off the bench, as well. Earlier in the game, they got much more out of their bench than we did. Then we started to make some down the stretch, but it was too little too late, to say the least. I really believe I didn't do a good job of getting the team ready or with the intensity that we had to play with. It started out so easy the first couple of possessions, then, all of a sudden, we started to turn the ball over. I just want to congratulate them again. Seth and his staff did a lot better job than I did."

On not calling a timeout in the first half -

"I don't mind the other team making runs. I think that's what you play the seasons for. There's going to be times where you don't have a time out and there's going to be times that the kids have to step up and change the momentum. I've never been one to call a lot of timeouts in the first half because I don't think a game is ever lost in the first half. And it wasn't today."

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