UNC-VT: Locker Room Report (w/audio)

BLACKSBURG, Va. --- North Carolina players Bobby Frasor, Tyler Hansbrough, Marcus Ginyard, Wes Miller and Wayne Ellington addressed the media after the game. Read and listen to what they had to say…

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On his foot injury -

It's frustrating, because it kept getting better and better, and did I did something to aggravate it. I'll see how hurt or how good it is when I get back. I don't think it's broken, but there's definitely something to it. There is pain inside my foot. I made a cut and pushed off my right foot real hard and something happened. I also stepped on Tyler's foot and it caused more pressure on it.



On playing in this kind of environment with this team -

The crowd was really into it and they came to play. In the ACC, it doesn't matter who it is or where it's at, you always have to play hard. I think at times we had some letdowns that hurt us. We'll look at the tape and go from there.

Technically, where do you thing you guys went wrong today?

It was defense. They got some open shots. Turnovers hurt us at times. We've got to cut the turnovers down and take care of the ball.

How frustrating were their ball-hawking guards?

It was very frustrating, but it definitely didn't lose us the game.

Do you think this is eye-opening for the young guys on the team?

Yes. It's college basketball, and you're going to get that.



Do you think the freshmen passed the test today?

No, nobody passed. It was a difficult game for everybody. Nobody played the way they were supposed to play tonight. If they did, it wasn't until too late.

Technically, what did they do better?

They were running their stuff, and they were all about the team. We came out and do what we were supposed to do. They were getting to the loose balls, they were getting to the offensive boards, and they were just doing everything they wanted to do and we couldn't stop them.

How frustrating is that?

It's very frustrating. It's frustrating right now to be talking about it.



On the comeback attempt -

The coaches just never gave up on us. Every time out, every chance that they had, they were telling us, 'OK, we're still in it ' -- possession-by-possession, trying to pull the right defense and the right play on offense to get us back in there. We never gave up, but that helped us get back in it. But it was too little too late.

How did you get so far behind?

We just didn't play the way we play in practice -- not boxing out, not moving the ball and not screening. And at the same time, you've got to give Virginia Tech a whole lot of credit, because they knocked down big shot after big shot, and they capitalized on every mistake we made. So it's a combination of the two, and Virginia Tech had a great game tonight.



What do you thing will be the focal point when you guys return to practice?

I'm not exactly sure. The guys know what we need to work on to be the best team we can possibly be. I think we'll work on it and get better as the season goes on.

There seemed to be a lot of whistles on both sides of the ball. Did that affect your rhythm at all?

You could say it affected our rhythm, but you can't really make excuses for it. We just didn't knock down a lot of outside shots today.

On the atmosphere -

It was tough. Coach stressed it was going to be a tough atmosphere and that it was going to be real loud, but that's ACC basketball.

Was it as loud as in St. Louis?

I don't think it compares.

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