Saunders Impressed by Official Visit

As one of the bigger name recruits officially visiting, North Carolina sought a commitment from Weslye Saunders over the weekend.

"They were [pushing for a commitment], actually," said Saunders. "Marvin Austin was down there, too. They were thinking that if I committed, maybe that would give a good chance that he'd commit, too. Him and me committing would bring a whole lot of recruits in.

"It definitely tempted me – a lot."

After helping Durham (N.C.) Riverside defeat Chapel Hill (N.C.) East in basketball Friday night, Saunders, a 6-foot-5 265-pound tight end, arrived on campus and began his official stay.

"We did a lot of stuff," said Saunders, who was hosted by wide receiver Deunta Williams. "We went on a campus tour, went to Franklin Street [and] walked around a little bit, met with Coach Davis, checked out the equipment room, and just toured the facilities a little bit."

Saunders also continued last weekend's conversation with newly hired tight ends coach Steve Hagen.

"Oh, yeah, we definitely covered all the bases," said Saunders. "Basically, we watched film. We broke down my film and he told me some stuff he liked about how I played, how I carried the ball and what not."

Additionally, Saunders met North Carolina's recently hired offensive coordinator, John Shoop.

"He's a pretty straight forward guy [and] he seems to know what he's talking about," said Saunders. "It definitely impresses me that he coached in the NFL, because he knows what NFL scouts are looking for in a tight end."

While Saunders doesn't want to show his cards just yet, he said North Carolina certainly left an impression.

"They definitely showed me a lot while I was up there," said Saunders. "I don't want to say they are my leader, because obviously coming off an official visit they'll definitely be your leader because they wine and dine you.

"I'm anxious to see if South Carolina can top this visit."

Saunders heads to Columbia this coming weekend.

"[During my USC visit I'm] just trying to see if I can feel the same comfort level as I felt with the UNC coaches down there with [Coach Steve] Spurrier and his staff," said Saunders.

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